Team Headgear’s classic mecha anime Mobile Police Patlabor will be adapted into a live action film! The film is currently in production with the original director Mamoru Oshii himself involved in the project and a pair of new promotional images were released today. The film is set for release sometime in 2014.

The first image shown above features the AV-98 Ingram as it’s being worked on by a maintenance crew. The image was shown on a poster that was displayed at Tohoku Shinsha’s booth at the 14th Comic Exhibition in Taiwan.


While the second pictured above shows the same mecha overlooking a city landscape. The second image appeared on a postcard that was being handed out for free at the event, along with being the background image for the official web site that just relaunched. Both images have the tag line “The Next Generation Patlabor” though wether or not this will be the official tagline for the film has yet to be confirmed.

The original anime/manga is set in a futuristic 1998-2002 and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police force utilizes giant heavy constructions robots called Labors to fight crime. Most of the story archs revolve around the Special Vehicle Section 2, Division 2 and our main protagonist is Noa Izumi and unlike most Mecha anime; Patlabor takes a more realistic and down to earth approach at the mecha genre.

Patlabor’s original TV series ran for 47 episodes in addition to having two OVA series and three animated films. One episode from these OVAs parodies Ultraman! Check it out below:



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