The Blue Bomber returns in the most unexpected manner! He’s coming back in Card Games this particular card game is known as UFS or Universal Fighting System. So hit the link to beam into the level and see what Mega got rocking!

Recently revealed at massive gaming convention Gen-Con which is happening now in Indianapolis Megaman and his rival/brother Protoman were revealed to the general public in hit card game UFS. UFS is a trading card game that brings the most popular fighting games such as Street Fighter, King Of Fighters, Tekken, and Soul Calibur down to the card table to have their fighters duke it out. Megaman is the most recent gaming license to join the card battle arena.


Both Megaman and Protoman can be seen here with their respect hand sizes, health, and abilities. Along with both character cards comes a full set along with collectible tins, and play mats to be sold along with them.  For more information about UFS you can head down to Jascogames.com or you can hit up the UFS media hub Total Justice Gaming.



  1. I use to work for Sabertooth game, the Company that originated UFS. While I’m happy the game has continued, I’m a bit sad that Jasco hasn’t really been able to release sets in a timely manner. But it’s kinda the pain of being a small company. I do wish them the best and I can’t wait to see the rest of the set.

    PS No UFS is nothing like that horrible Megaman EXE TCG

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