da07889dbf42d9bbd46fe5a4d0333039[1]The actress Kyoko Hinami, who played Mitsuki Aoyagi the first Akiba Blue from Akibaranger, was hit by a taxi in inner Shibuya.
The accident occurred around 8:00 PM on August 15, 2013 when she was walking in the streets as a taxi struck her. She was apparently hit hard in her head and back, causing her to lose consciousness. Eye witnesses on the scene said that Kyoko had confused look on her and walked rather strange right before she was hit. She has now regained consciousness today with no life threatening issues, on August 17.






    1. they say that asians are among the healthiest people in the world, the sentai industry may very well be jinxed with weak bodied actors and actresses who may not have the stamina to keep up with the work they do. i would say among the super sentai the 6 gokaigers were the healthiest and the most able bodied, followed by the go-busters and the current team. yumi went through alot, tori matsuzaka went through a deadly disease and won, and now the first akiba blue got hit by a taxi, i pray and hope she does not die of it. i think the second one has not suffered misfortune yet, as she is a teenager and is young enough to learn from her sempai’s misfortunes.

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