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G8WrKiE[1]As the toy catalogs previously said, there would be two Kamen Rider TV specials. 

According to Figure-Oh’s latest issue, these two TV specials will be included in Kamen Rider Wizard’s episode count. The remaining episodes are called, “The Beginning of the Sabbath”, “What Are Important Things?” and “The Final Hope”, with the two final episodes called “The Ring of Kamen Rider” and “Neverending Story”. Technically making this the longest Heisei series so far.
The two episodes will be written by Sho Aikawa, the head writer of Kamen Rider Blade, GouGou Sentai Boukenger and early Kamen Rider Decade, with Hidenori Ishida as the director.
According to the previous toy catalog, Kamen Rider Gaim will be making an appearance in one of these episodes.


  • raden238

    I’m impressed, Wizard episodes for the entire month of September. The toy sales had to be strong enough to get this show an extra month of episodes. “The Ring of Kamen Rider” sounds like a rider ring that recaps all the previous heisei riders. Gaim will probably appear in that one. It’s nice we kinda get like a sneak preview of Movie War 2013 with Gaim and Wizard appearing together.

    • RaikaSTi

      I don’t know about toy sales. The show needed the extra episodes to finish the story since the story itself during the beginning and middle were a lot of victim of the week stuff. Gaim will probably be dancing in the background.

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