It’s Coming… WHITE RANGER VS. SCORPION!! Rangers! ASSEMBLE AND VOTE! – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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It’s time to test your might, fandom! The blokes behind SuperPowerBeatDown have brought the fight to our very shores. They’ve done some pretty rad match up, and now they want one of ours in their fight. Our champion in this arena will be TOMMY THE WHITE RANGER! (No, Sentai Purists, I don’t thinks this is the 10 year old KibaRanger. :P) Power Ranger’s finest dons his White Ranger suit and takes up his sentient sword, Saba to take on the resurrected hell-spawn ninja… SCORPION! VOTE NOW!!!

Put out the call to arms across the fandom. Let’s show the geek world that we won’t let one of our own get taken down by some second rate zombie ninja!


If you haven’t seen one of their fights before… here’s a good one.


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