That’s right… TODAY, 20 years ago, Rita Repulsa escaped unleashing the storm of monsters and heroes that would change all of our lives forever. 20 years ago, five teenagers with attitude took up sword, bow, spear, axe and dagger to stand against the tide of darkness and throughout time new heroes would arise to also take that cause. Children around the world learned that the monsters that hid under their beds or waited in shadow could be STOOD AGAINST! On this day August 28th 1993 the Power Rangers were born.. throwing us into the world of tokusatsu and bring us all together. Happy Power Rangers Day everyone. Throw in your vote for a White Ranger Victory against Scorpion in the Super Hero Beatdown to show we all stand together and that the tokusatsu fandom is here to stay! Then check out this video from Tristan Day of Hero Power that always sends a chill up my spine and a proud tear to me eye.

It’s morphin’ time. 😉



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