gundam build fighters

The newest trailer for the upcoming Gundam series, “Gundam Build Fighter” has been released and we got it here! So come see what the spiritual succesor of the 2010 OVA Gunpla Builders has in store for us. So hit the link or we’ll stick you in a Ball!

The new anime will be set around Sei Iori,who is just starting middle school and the only son of a model and hobby shop owner. Sei is highly skilled at building GunPla,  but lacks experience in actual GunPla Battles. GunPla Battles are tournaments between Gundam model kits which become popular once again worldwide in the “Second GunPla Boom.” Along with his friend Reiji, who is an accomplished Gundam Fighter, they fight for the GunPla Battle world championships. Other with characters that include Sei’s Rival Tatsuya YÅ«ki, nicknamed “Crimson Comet” with his Zaku Amazing, and Sei’s schoolmate, China Kōsaka.

The series is set to debut this fall in October.


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