Bandai’s latest HDM set will feature everyone’s favrioute Half Boiled detective duo: Kamen Rider W. This latest set depicts the climatic showdown between Cyclone Joker Gold Extreme and Kamen Rider Eternal from the fan favrioute movie The Gaia Memories of Fate.

Each figure will be connected to his own personal display stand. Gold Extreme’s display stand is made to look like the Extreme Memory and will have a light up LED feature. Eternal’s stand represents a piece of Fuuto Tower. You’ll be able to connect both stands for display.

HDMs stands at about 13 CMs tall and for something of that size both figures have been painted exquisitely with a lot of care and attention to detail put in and can be yours for 3,360 yen. The bad news? The set will be a limited run Tamashi Web Shop exclusive item.  Pre orders are currently underway, and you can expect this to be shipping out in March of 2014.


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