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Gaimu Driver

He slices! He dices! He makes mincemeat out of Inbes! He’s Kamen Rider Gaimu, the fresh new Rider that leaves behind a citrusy scent and he’s coming soon to a toy store near you!

Ready or not, Kamen Rider Gaimu will be taking centre stage in less then a month and his toy line will be hitting at the same time in early October. Thanks to the ever intrepid KamenRiderUnderground, he found official images of the toys that will be hitting in the initial push.

Let’s recap what will be coming out October 5th:

The DX Sengoku Driver itself. The set contains the Orange and Banana Lock Seeds and a swappable plate that makes the Driver for Kamen Rider Baron’s use. Another set will be released which includes the DX Lock Seed Holder and the Pineapple Lock Seed, you can also buy the Lock Seed Holder set on it’s own.

In the action figure department we have the Armed Change(or AC) Kamen Rider Gaimu equipped with the Orange Lock Seed and armed with the Musou Saber and Daidaimaru and you’ll be able to combine both swords together. The figure will have some articulation, though from the photos it doesn’t look as articulated as an S.H.Figuarts.. AC Kamen Rider Gaimu Orange Arms will retail for 3000 yen.

As an alternative, non articulated Rider Hero Series soft vinyl figures will also be offered. Gaimu Orange Arms and Baron Banana Arms will be offered in the first wave, both will retail for the wallet friendly price of 800 yen.

The final batch of new images is for the DX Daidaimaru and Musou Sabre. The Musou Saber will include the Melon Lock Seed retailing for 5200 yen, while the Daidaimaru will retail for 2800 yen. For now, it doesn’t look as though the Daidaimaru will have a Lock Seed. Both swords will be released October 31st.


  • Haya

    So all of the belts are the same except that they have the rider’s face stuck on them? That’s kind of, lazy and money grubbing at the same time.

      • Moebius

        It’s the Ryuki idea. The reason they stopped doing 4 riders with 4 different belts (or more) was because the sales were rubbish. This way they produce one belt, a series of collectables and a decal. It’s much cheaper and still gets the job done.

  • RandomPerson

    I’m gonna have to pass on the role-play toys, as that’s not really my thing. As for the GAC (Gaim Arm Change) figure. I’m probably gonna go for the figuart, this just looks too… gimmicky.

  • Deen

    So let’s get this straight, the Rider belts’ base design are the rip-off of Decade’s Driver, then replaced with OOO Driver as well as Birth Driver (I think Meteor Driver should applies too) and then rip-off again for the base for Wizard Driver.

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