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Toei announced on their official site that they will be opening up a mixed tokusatsu hero museum in Chiba prefecture, Japan. It will feature suits and props, as well as many other attractions.

From the site:

Toei Hero World” opens to the public December 2013! Showcasing items from various tokusatsu heroes throughout the years. A new first of a kind entertainment museum!

Toei is teaming up with Namco to open a museum surrounding tokusatsu heroes. It will be called Toei Hero World and is located in Chiba’s new mall, Aeon Mall Makuhari. This new establishment will show items and different properties from the movies and TV series. It will be an all new entertainment museum where you can watch, play, learn and eat.

The first exhibit will feature props from actual filming, such as suits and other props. There will also be many other attractions, original food and drinks, and gift shops. Bring your entire family, as kids and adults will surely enjoy this unique tokusatsu museum.

When the museum opens later this year, you can expect video coverage to follow.

(source: Toei Site)


  • David Reeves

    Curious about a few things
    My name is David Reeves, I live in Miami Florida USA and I’m a HUGE Original MMPR fan. I saw the photos online and I have to say:

    The Karts from PR Turbo
    The Blue and Yellow Shark cycles
    And the Trex and Dragonzord in Fighting mode outfits are AWESOME

    How come you guys don’t carry the other Shark cycles and Dino Zords.

    Where is this Museum, and are all the Original MMPR stuff the original stuff from the series.

    What about any monster outfits, do you guys carry those, and is there any other place like this in the world.

    This last question may be stupid but I have to ask. If one came and offered to purchase (oh I don’t know) one of the shark cycles how much would one have to pay (converted to USD) and have it shipped to the states.

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