Proving that pain is power, Bandai will be staring a new Tamashi Act promo campaign, much like the Riders on the Stage give away awhile back. The promo beings September 21st.

Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 6.10.27 AM

Specifically, the decals will be themed around Akibaranger Season 2. Each one of the Akibaranger will receive his/her own personalized decal along with TyranoRanger, Hurricane Red, and Ryuranger. In addition, there will be a decal for Z Cune Aoi.

Any Super Sentai figuart that was a mass retail release will be include one of the above mentioned decals as well the DX Moya Moya Z Cune and the Munya Munya Zuban



  1. Wait, so we get screwed over and miss out if we already bought the figures, but not if we buy them months, possibly years, after release? Thanks, Bandai. Guess I won’t bother pre-ordering any more Figuarts…

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