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Secondary Education is the Video Game High School of Independent Tokusatsu. It is a fantastic short film with impressive camera work and getting the most out of the budget they had to work with. It follows high school chemistry teacher Mr. Eugene Yamamoto as he balances trying to learn his students some science and keeping a roaming monster threat at bay as his Kamen Rider-esque alter ego, The Metacaptain. Click on to check this out and make sure you share this around so we can get more stories in the Metacaptain Universe. This could be a lot of fun.

Class is in session:

Three high school students are forced to make up a chemistry test during after school detention. Over the course of the afternoon, they discover that their Chemistry teacher, Eugene Yamamoto, has been leading a secret double life as a crime-fighting Power Ranger. When an escaped mutant lobster shows up in the hallways seeking revenge for his arrest at the hands of Mr. Yamamoto, they must use the science principles from the test that they failed to help him defeat it.

A hybrid throwback to the educational after school specials of the 90s and the Japanese Tokusatsu genre.

Directed by Jon Truei

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