THE WHITE RANGER VS. SCORPION – The Super Beat Down! – Page 41093 – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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The wait is over and the Super Beat Down is here! This is no mere battle between Power Ranger and cursed ninja! NO! This here is a BATTLE OF THE FANDOMS!!! We sent out word for us to rise up and show the world that the Ranger Fandom is one to be reckoned with! Well, here’s the result. Our Ranger fandom takes the big internet stage for a titanic throw down! WHO WILL WIN?!

In THIS CORNER, we have the Ranger who’s lost his powers so many times and regaiend them his suits could be their own Power Ranger team! Tommy Oliver THE WHITE RANGER!!!!

And in this corner, the Shirai Ryu Ninja brought back from the dead to walk the earth as a cursed hellspawn seeking vengeance…. Hanzo Hasashi, but you know him as SCORPION!!!!

Two go in, but only one comes out. READY…. LET’S GET IT ON!

Art: sonicpal



    AWESOME fight, was reminded of power rangers the movie fight at night there is really nostaglic.

    Bring on the upcoming green ranger movie like this. EPIC WIN This is by far the best power rangers fight in a very long time

  • Philippe Nathan Siruno

    I liked the little touches from MMPR the movie that were referenced like when he was hit, he did that classic side spinning twirl that Adam did when he was knocked into the group in human form and the special effects weren’t too bad at all. Of course the reveal at the end was a no-brainer and the fight was really well choreographed.

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