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Super Megaforce Red Ranger Hero Set 01



Already, the toy line for America’s take on Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is in full swing and making quite the show of things. Lots of new toy images for upcoming Power Rangers: Super Megaforce merch have appeared once again via

Super Megaforce Wild Force Red Lion 04

To kick things off, we have something that viewers and followers of the showy Space Pirate’s exploits all expected to see: and that’s the Gokai Machines.

Super Megaforce Mystic Dragon Zord 03

We have our first look at America’s take on Gokaiger’s auxiliary mecha and the images on Amazon features the Delta Runner zord, the Mystic Dragon Zord, and finally the Wild Force Red Lion Zord.

Like their Japanese counter parts, each Zord is capable of combining with the Legendary Megazord to create yet to be named Megazord forms. In Japan, these combos are known as Deka Gokaioh, Magi Gokaioh, and Gao Gokaioh with a secondary mode that allows it to become Shinken Gokaioh but now for something a little bit unexpected…

Super Megaforce Zeo Racer Zord 03


A creation that’s unique and original to Power Rangers, Bandai of America has created the Ultimate Power of the Zeo Rangers: The Zeo Racer Zord! Which can of course separate and combine with the Legendary Megazord. Keep in mind that this is in no way an indication that we could see this USA original piece in the show itself.

Super Megaforce Zord Packaging

Finally, we have the packaging for the four aforementioned toys. Each Zord will come packed with a Red Ranger Key from their own respective team and keep in mind that these Zords do use BOA’s Zord Builder system and should be compatible with other toys in the line that uses this system.

Super Megaforce Cycle Packaging

Additionally, we have another BOA original creation in the form of new bikes! The set of three cycles are meant to represent Time Force, Lost Galaxy,and Light Speed Rescue. Once again, each figure will include a Red Ranger Key representing his own respective team. They come with figures of Super Megaforce Red, Blue, and Green rangers. The figures themselves aren’t that interesting to look at, but they have a gimmick which launches the bike forward when a key is inserted in the back. Also, these Bikes are Zord Builder System compatible allowing for further customization options!



Super Megaforce Deluxe Super mega Blaster 04

In terms of roleplay weapons, Amazon also has new photos of the Super Mega Blaster, the side arm known as the Gokai Gun in Japan However, here the gun looks quite different then it does on screen. Dark red replaces the black, and due to toy safety laws the tip of the barrel has been painted orange. You can buy the gun by itself or….

The gun can be bought in a set along with the Sword and a Ranger mask. Blue Ranger and Red Ranger versions of this Hero Set will be made available for purchase

Lastly, the masks shown in the Hero Set can also be bought individually but the difference here is the masks have a visor. Red, Blue, and Green Ranger masks will be available.

Power Rangers MegaForce’s toy line looks to be quite the interesting ride. Are any of these on your Holliday wish list?

SOURCE: RangerCrew

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