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Tokkyuger Vinyl

Last week’s big announcement came from the reveal of the team coming after Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Resha Sentai Tokkyuger! Next year, the 38th Super Sentai is on track for a show utilizing a train motif. But if you happen to be a collector on a tight budget; don’t worry…Bandai’s got you covered.

For the model kit enthusiast with a sweet tooth, downsized versions of team’s roleplay gear will be made available. Seen in the images we have the Minipla candy kit versions of the Buckle, Blaster, and Changer but more importantly, the scan reveals the functionality of the Tokkyu Buckle.

Tookyu Buckle

Like the Buckles worn by Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, the Tokkyu Buckle will function as a carrying case for the trains, the Minipla can hold two and at the moment, it’s unknown how many the DX version can hold.

Tokkyuoh Minipla

The final offering from Minipla is Tokkyuoh himself. Thus far, the images only show Tokkyu 1-5 in their respective train modes. If you’ve never handled a Minipla before: they’re basically a lot like Gundam kits. They retain all of the gimmicks belonging to their big brother counter parts but the mecha has the extra caveat of articulation via balljoints, something which the DX version lacks.

Tokkyuger Vinyl 2

And whether you love’em or hate’em the team’s suit designs will be represented in the long standing and super market friendly soft vinyl figure line.

No word yet on how much this assortment of figures will cost or even when they’ll be out. We’ll bring you more updates as they are made available.

SOURCE: Tokunation


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