When Gundam Meets Kamen Rider – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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Ever wonder what a mashup of a Kamen Rider with a Gundam would look like? These aren’t official cross over kits but Twitter user @_bettsu is doing exactly that!


Japan has it’s fair share of impressive modelers and @_bettsu is no different.


Bettsu is customizing Gundams to resemble various Kamen Riders.

A majority of his build uses parts from Mobile Suit Gundam Age…specifically what looks like the 1/100 Master Grades of the AGE 1 Normal and the AGE 1 Spallow in a majority of these builds. Bettsu also uses parts from various Kamen Rider toys in addition to his own scratch building and other modeling techniques.

Shown in these photos where bettsu uses after market parts to make the rivets on Gaim’s armor and where he had to make the weapons himself from scratch.

The finished result is jaw dropping and impressive and as of this post, Bettsu’s latest work is Baron Mango Arms. He’s done other Riders too, so be sure to check those out below:


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