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Happy Holidays, HJU! Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, the Bandai Tamashi department has a present for all the good S.H.Figuarts collectors out there. Official preview galleries for many of last weekend’s Figuarts reveals are now live. Including new release information for Faiz’s Auto Vaijin and Kamen Rider Shin.

For new comers that came late to the party and missed out on Figuarts Faiz when he first came out…don’t worry: Bandai’s got you covered.

This release will be packed full of goodies as two options will be made available for the Cybertronian of Kamen Rider bikes. You can buy Auto Vaijin in a two pack that will include a Faiz figure but if you’ve already bought Faiz you can buy the Autovaijin on his own.

The good news is that the photos show the transformation gimmick will not hinder the articulation in anyway…Auto Vaijin will remain just as poseable as any other Figarts! The individual release for Auto Vaijin will retail for 5400 yen while the set retails for 8856 yen.

Aong side Auto Vaijin and Faiz, Kamen Rider Shin showing off the fantastic organic detailing much more clearly than in the scans and also revealing an additional head will be amongst his accessory count.

Sadly, Shin and both options of the Auto Vaijin are confirmed Web Exclusives for May. Shin will retail for 4320 yen.

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