Possible New S.I.C OOO Releases: Super TaToBa, TaMaShi, and…LOVE COMBO?! – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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SIC OOO Love Combo

Start counting those Medals, Kamen Rider OOO fans! A trio of new magazine scans have surfaced, showcasing what could possibly be future figure waves inbound.

The first figure showcased might come off as a bit of a surprise for some. While not a real combo used by Eiji in the show, it seems there’s a chance that Bandai Tamashi could be making a figure based on Love Combo.

However, it seems that Love Combo will be part of the S.I.C Hero Saga(Indicated by the image below) which is a collection of side stories told through diorama set pieces with no immediate plans to release said set pieces.

In addition to Love Combo, the other two reveals hails from Kamen Rider OOO’s movies. First off, there’s the rather menacing looking TaMaShi combo from Let’s Go! Kamen Rider and Super TaToBa from Movie Taisen Megamax film.

Again, the images give no indication on if these two pieces will ever see the light of day outside of these scans…we’ll bring you more news on these items as they’re made available!

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  • stardrago

    Say, both pictures shows glimpses of new pictures of Shocker OOO and Boss, will there be more pictures showing the full view of them later on?

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