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The time of monsters might be upon us once again. With Pacific Rim last year and the new Godzilla film coming this year, a bit of news from an upcoming magazine hints at the future of Gamera.

A description of an upcoming issue of the magazine Newtype, according to google translate, offers news of an upcoming Gamera reboot. The translation is as follows:

broke the long silence new “Gamera” start-up, that “Gamera” is back at last! The fastest publish the image board! “Page special feature” Kikaider REBOOT published just before! In addition to monopoly Tokuutsushi the “new” Kikaider & Hakaider, staff cast interviews each week. Large volume of 30P or more! Book items will be delivered after the date of sale on account of the distribution. Please note that it will be released earlier at a general bookstore.

And the original text for those who wish to see:

新「ガメラ」始動 長い沈黙を破り、あの「ガメラ」がついに復活!イメージボードを最速公開!

キカイダーREBOOT 公開直前!“新”キカイダー&ハカイダーを独占特写するほか、スタッフ・キャストインタビューも満載。30P以上の大ボリューム!書籍商

Now if this is a new movie, this would be the third such reboot after the famed 90s trilogy and the Gamera The Brave film that was released in 2006. Well, technically the fourth if you count Gamera Super Monster as being in it’s own continuity. More news as it becomes available.



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  • Jarrod Arroyo

    1st comment, 1st google plus+ like, this day keeps on geting better! Kaiju movies are rising from their graves once again! This will be a very surprising movie, Gamera is a cool monster so I would be happy if they made it! Hopefully like the 90s!

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