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As the premiere draws ever nearer, information on Garo: The Makai Flower, the latest season in the popular Garo universe of shows, continues to be released. A ton of new Story and Character information has recently been translated by Team HJU member Levi Musashi and, along with a new trailer and high quality images, is collected after the jump!


Raiga Saejima is the Makai Knight that has recieved the Garo Title and Armor. A Makai Knight (hunters of Horrors) in the Blue Jurisdiction, he “cuts into the darkness” and combines his father’s strength and his mother’s kindness. He is said to be the strongest Golden Knight in history and is the son of Kouga Saezima, a previous Garo and main character of Chapter of the Black Wolf, Demon Beast of the Midnight Sun, Makai Flash Knight, Red Requiem, and Demon Dragon of the Blue Cries.
Raiga is played by Masei Nakayama.

A man of the darkness, Crow is a spy for the Makai Knights. He carries Enzan, a Makai sword shaped like a ninja’s katana and wields it like a dart. Belonging to no Jurisdiction, he acts on his own. Crow is played by Mizuishi Atom.


Mayuri is a young girl sent by the Makai Order whom has a mysterious power living within her, and does not often show emotion. She is played by Natsumi Ishibashi.


Gonza Kurahashi is the butler for the Saejima family. He has served Raiga as well as his father and grandfather.


Jill is the Head Makai Priest of the Blue Jurisdiction’s Guard. Although she looks like a young woman, her true form is unknown.

The series’ official website provided a list of Keywords within the series, once again provided by Levi Musashi.

Eiris (Eirisu)
Horror called the Messiah’s Tear, sealed into a stone tablet. Eiris’ follower Horrors are lurking and waiting for his awakening.

Sekiban (Stone Tablet)
9 Horrors were used as keystones to trap Eiris into this in ancient times. It was excavated in modern times and put on exhibit in a museum.

Genroin (Order)
The higher institution behind the “Watchdogs”. When unprecedented danger approaches, they give direct orders to the Makai Knights.

Reimeikan (“Lightning” house)
This is the new Shinmue house where Raiga and Gonza live. Later, Mayuri will come to live there, too.

Budojo (Martial Arts Dojo)
The basement under the Reimeikan that Raiga uses for training. It is also the home of the weapon known as the Grau Dragon Claw.

Makai Ken (Makai Swords)
Swords made from Soulmetal. The properties of the metal change with the heart of the wielder, becoming lighter and/or heavier. As well as being a weapon, it can be used to cut the air, which open a gate to summon the user’s armor.

Enzan (Viewing Circle)
This is Kuro’s weapon, which is shaped like a dart. It is suitable for this stealthy shadow. It can shoot multiple ninja-like darts.

The story, taking place at least 20 years after the previous Garo movie, begins a long time ago, when the Horror named Eiris, also called “The Messiah’s Tear,” is sealed into a stone tablet by powerful Makai Priests. To do so required the use of 9 different Horrors as the spell’s Foundation.

Years later, this has been all but forgotten, and the tablet found it’s way into an exhibition in a museum, where a man dressed in black destroyed it, and released the 9 Horrors.
Upon hearing of this, the Watchdogs of the Makai Knights assign the quest to reseal the Horrors to the successor of Golden Knight Garo, Raiga Saejima, with the help of the Priest, Jill.
While Raiga and Jill hunt them, however, the Horrors lie in wait, as the Makai Tool needed to unseal Eiris fully is said to be in Raiga’s posession, and the Horror Azudabu tracks down Raiga using a strong sense of reasoning and swift action. While Raiga and Azudabu fight, a young girl named Mayuri watches, whom is on a mysterious mission of her own.
Can Garo reseal Eiris? What is the Makai Tool Mayuri carries? Who is the man dressed in black who broke the tablet? These questions and more will all be answered in the latest Garo series, Garo: The Makai Flower.

Garo: the Makai Flower is the sequel to Garo: Flash Knight and continues after the movie, Garo: Demon Dragon of the Blue Cries. You can check out the show’s official website at this link.


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