Crayon Shin-chan Spin-Off Episode “Space Sheriff Robot Dog” has been announced to be air on April 11. This Spin-Off is purely based on “Space Sheriff Gavan” by Toei Co., Ltd. 

It is also reported that Kenji Ohba is also to voice Retsu Ichijouji (Space Sheriff Gavan) in the episode. The opening song for this episode is based on “Space Sheriff Gavan” Opening by Akira Kushida. In this spin-off, Shin-chan’s white colored pet dog Shiro transforms into a Space Sheriff Robot Dog.

Story: In order to protect the peace of the earth, Robot Dog is fighting Space Crime Oranganization called “Omata”. But Omata found the whereabouts of Robot Dog to be in the house of Shinnosuke Nohara. They kidnap Shinnosuke so that they could trap Robot Dog in their trap. But Shiro can’t transform into Robot Dog in front of Shin-Chan. Shiro what will you do?

Crayon Shin-Chan Episode: “It’s Space Sheriff Robot Dog” Trailer


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