A new Kamen Rider Battride Wars 2 trailer was released early Thursday morning, containing new footage, and a small amount of new information. Hit the jump to check out the trailer!

In this trailer, we get a little more in depth with the game, showing more of this game’s “Chronicle Mode,” where players will play through the movies and specials of various Riders, which seems to also include a fight where the Riders will use these forms for the first time outside of a Movie. It isn’t clear if this happens before or after finishing Chronicle Mode.

We also are given an exact Release Date of June 26, and a bit that reveals the return of the Premium TV and Movie Sound Edition, which will contain music from the TV series, specials and movies.

Also in the trailer is the following scene.

The game can be preordered at CD Japan and other import retailers.
Are you planning on ordering the game? Let us know what you think of Battride Wars below!


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