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Saban Brands wants to hear from you. Myself and others know that the people behind Power Rangers have a watchful eye on blogs and forums such as HJU. And it’s time the Powers That Be hear from the fans on what they want from Power Rangers Dino Charge. It is confirmed that Judd Lynn, who has been a part of some of Power Rangers finest series and episodes, is back in the showrunner chair. Saban Brands is actually aware of what us long time hardcore fans have felt about the show these past couple years. And believe it or not…. they actually care quite a bit. The want to win back the fans. Now’s YOUR chance to tell them what you want to see in the show in the forums on in the Comments below.

What do you want changed? What has the show not been doing up to this point that you want seen done going forward? I know we usually just think that this is a kids show and they could care less what us fans think, but…. they really do and want to know from the people that have kept them in the spotlight for so long.

So let ’em have it. All the disappointments, all of the victories, all of your Power Ranger hopes and dreams. Say it loud and proud in the Comments or drop your write up in our Official Power Rangers Dino Charge Feedback Thread.

This is where you get to be heard. Use your words… and make ’em count. 😉

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      • Connor

        No, how about someone other than Bulk to play Cyan and let his sentai actor, Robert Baldwin, play the Dino Charge counterpart as Baldwin has expressed in treat in plating his counterpart.

  • Reki Honoo

    Here’s one of my wishes for dino charge that I really want to happen. Bulk and skull returning. They would be awesome in dino charge.

    Second, the zords. I would greatly appriciate it if all the zords could be brought over, even the one from the movie, aka tobaspino

    Third: I would love it if the toys actually had the sound similiar to the japenese one.

    And my final wish? Make the show as fun as it can be. Have a lot of ation, and character development.

    Also Tommy oliver if possible.

  • Pedro D. Massa

    I just want a decent storyline and actual character development, Megaforce and Super megaforce had no story between episodes and we barely knew anything about the characters since all we saw about them was just fight after fight. It’d be neat if we cared about the people inside the suits, make them count. Also, they should strive for the upgrades they get, not just “congrats rangers, you unlocked X-zord”, there has to be some drama behind it. If you have a decent storyline on the same vein as any season before Samurai I’d be satisfied.

    Also, adapting the Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters special would be great, at least bring back Jason and Conner (though I’d like to see Billy most of all).

  • Keith Justice Hayward

    I’ve met some of the new Rangers and they are AWESOME, but I don’t know what overall directing call happened that on the show when they talk to each other they have the weirdest mode of what sounds like “baby talk” when they talk to each other. I know this is a kid’s show, but I liked it better when the characters spoke like… actual characters and not weird, “talk as if a baby is listening to you” speech.

  • TVsKyle

    Gimme some writing that doesn’t insult my intelligence, iconic characters, and some actors who can play them. Kids like not being talked down to. I think you’d have a better time teaching some talented young improv students how to do a few martial arts for the occasional unmorphed fight than trying to teach a martial artist how to act.

    And Bulk as Cyan WOULD be cool… Or perhaps Robert Baldwin reprising his role?

  • Keith Justice Hayward

    Also… while they don’t have to get too tangled up in previous season continuity… I would really like for these DinoZords to be connected in some way to the previous to DinoZords. I remember when Dino Thunder hit and Tommy was back, all this fun speculation arose regarding the connection to not have there be a connection at all. And the mystery around a bad guy that hated Tommy didn’t turn out to be a monster from his past, but a newly made character nobody cared about…… Smitty.

    In the Space to Lost Galaxy era, there was so much fun overlap that PR started feeling like a Universe and not just Seasons. It had a Star War-esque landscape of places that could be visited, revisited and different adventures taking place at these known locations. I miss that.

  • Gill

    To keep from screwing up the Power Rangers timeline with the skipping of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, have something Go-Busters related, even if Go-Busters footage is just shown as flashbacks of maybe a past war for the Paragon Prisms

  • Davis S

    An overarcing Story that does not SUCK. Granted, Judd Lynn, so that’s likely going to be fixed.
    Respect shown for both the past seasons and the source material if they are referenced/homaged.
    Actors who can act whose characters are more than cardboard cutouts and actually get to develop, and dialogue that makes them appear to be real people.
    The season to have it’s full run within a single goddamn year.
    “Super” not being jammed down our throats, and some thought put into the renames of the equipment.
    The Toyline to not be made up of bootleg’s with a price point three times what they are actually worth. Granted, that’s a problem with Bandai of America, and Saban doesn’t have any say on the policies of that company.
    Potentially an adaptation of the Dino-theme team-up seen in Kyoryuger vs Gobusters. The Gobusters were barely IN that movie concerning the fight scenes, so bar the final zord battle teamup it’s more than possible to do.
    and of Course; Effort. Not just in making the show, but the actual characters putting effort into earning their abilities and victories.

  • doombringer

    Well, let’s see:

    1 – Not as many focus on Red as Kyoryuger did.
    2 – A super mode for the core 5 rangers.
    3 – Bulk as Cyan.
    4 – Good actors for a change
    5 – The teamup with MMPR and Dino Thunder with the whole cast instead of only Red Rangers. Of course this would require Aisha as MMPR Yellow, because unfortunately, Thuy Trang is dead and may she rest in peace.
    6 – Focus on martial arts training and development.
    7 – Silver as a decendant or aprentice of Zordon.
    8 – A teamup with Megaforce, since they are not going to adapt Go-Busters.
    9 – A decent game adaptation.
    10 – I would love if the series wasn’t split in 2 seasons that have 20 episodes. I would love to see a series with more episodes.

  • Blazer

    Want some possible ideas? I’ll give you some

    1) NO past Rangers. Everyone’s crying for JDF, but I think he should be saved for something special.
    2) Keep the guns-as-Morphers. They’re pretty much blasters, so it shouldn’t be TOO MUCH of a problem.
    2a) Keep the dancing, too. RPM got a lot of mileage out of the “Zords with googly Anime eyes” bit, so why not have fun with the dancing?
    3) At least ACKNOWLEDGE the Go-Busters? Even if it’s J’s PR variation running around and being an idiot
    4) Biggest one of all: just make it a fun season.

  • moviefan

    For me first I want to have a new theme song and not a remix of the go go theme. Second don’t have rangers call there names out in theme. Would be nice to have original head villain for the season.

    I would also like to see series go back to 1 yr 40 episodes schedule. If not and it’s still over two yrs. Spilt the episodes up better. Like if doing 22 a yr do episode every other week and that can run you from Feb to Nov no problem.

    Next I to to see more original footage morphed and unmorphed.also with that use purple Grey and silver rangers more then sentai did. And I would love to see the team up movie idea adapted. Be it simular to the sentai one or original story and hopefully be able to get the core dt rangers back and some grouping of the mmpr rangers.

  • heyitsryooshi

    1 – A 50 episode season. No more 12 episode seasons. I can’t stress this enough.
    2 – Quality acting and VOs. Please, no “wooden” faces or dialogue. Go easier on the sound effects, too. Maybe it’s my “old” age (28), but every PR series the past few years just seems to lay on the SFX.
    3 – Tons of MMPR references. Make them key plot points that make sense, and not just one-off silliness.
    4 – Have the instrumental theme play during important/high-energy fight scenes. Also, score it well, but not with synthesizers or orchestra. Straight-up fighting themes like ‘Combat’, ‘Fight’, and ‘I Will Win’ are great examples.
    5 – Martial arts competent actors. I’d love to see a return to un-morphed, no powers, well-choreographed fight scenes.
    6 – The darker the story, the better it will be. It’s still a children’s show, but think dark like Rita, Zedd, Rito, Master Vile, and Goldar vs. Jason in Rita’s Dark Dimension. Kids can handle it. Think of what MMPR did to break the mold on action scenes. Don’t forget the mini-sagas like ‘Green With Evil’ or ‘Island of Illusion!’ Make us CARE about the Rangers and what the villains are doing.
    7 – When commissioning the toys, go easy on the muscle tones for the male Rangers. They’re not body-builders.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment.

    • Masked Rider Tiger

      I like what you said, and think the same. With a few other things, for point 6, yes, dark and serious can be good, but if you go too far, that will hurt the series. Look at Beast Machines of Transformers fame for example, or even several parts of Transformers Prime. I enjoyed both, but I could see how they got a bit too dark at times. Or did too much of the status quo shindig. Saban should stick to a balance of humor and light hearted moments as well, or it could get too depressing. Follow what the fan favorite seasons of Power Rangers did, including Lost Galaxy, Time Force, and RPM. And when the rangers get hurt, they should stay hurt for at least an episode or two to show the consequences of what happens when you get into a fight. And especially reference this in later episodes, more so for the more important characters. None of that get hurt in one episode, recover, and never touch on it again business that happened in the Disney era. During the Zenaku saga of Wild Force, we got to see this quite a bit. But on that point, we should see the Rangers also fight on despite injuries, get back up, finish the fight, and lick their wounds after. They’re super heroes, they should be able to temporarily ignore some injuries if they’re not severe enough. So yeah, Saban needs to remember this. But I still want to make sure light hearted moments are there to keep things from getting too dark and avoid getting depressing. I watch this as a super hero show, and want to see them do what it takes to win. I know it may seem a little contradictory, but a good example comes from Avengers. We saw some of the heroes get hurt, but they got back up, ignored their injuries, and finished the fight. Taking care of their wounds after.

      For point 7, I would also point out that the female rangers shouldn’t be super sexy either. They’re not super models, so go easy on the sex appeal, but don’t make them look too male like either. If the Pink, female Violet, and whether Black, Green, or Blue get turned into a girl as well, if the two have say, size B cup, don’t make the toys size DD cup. Believe it or not, the bigger the breasts, the less realistic it is. I know, I know, we’re talking about a show that includes unrealistic Godzilla sized robot vs. monster battles, but at the more human level, let’s keep it real. A realistic proportioned toy of a female character can still be attractive without going super model like the toy of Jungle Fury Yellow did. That’s not the way to go, more like the Figuarts Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger in this regard. Can’t think of anything else to add though at the moment.

      • heyitsryooshi

        Well said, and good points on the female action figures, too. It seems so difficult to find those these days that I didn’t even think of the “super model” molding for those toys.

    • heyitsryooshi

      I thought of two more:

      8 – No samba or samba dancing, please! Especially that whistle tune when the Kyorugers transformed.

      – Please use all eleven Kyorugers. Red, blue, black, green, pink, and
      gold are a given, but please give us cyan, grey, violet, silver, and
      navy/Deathryuger. But don’t rush the plot and character developments!

    • Re'Nell Glover

      First of all, it’s 20-episode seasons, not 12; that’s mandated by Nick, not Saban. I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that Nick takes 4-5-month hiatuses between episodes is so they can run them into the ground and make the show lose viewers. Second, a story doesn’t have to be dark all the time to be better; trust me. Third, I agree with everything else.

  • Javier Herrera

    1. better writers
    2. character development ( i want to feel and care for our heroes and better relate to them)
    3. a diverse cast like samurai, not an all cacasian cast and with 2 minority. ( also an asian,black or hispanic red ranger)
    4.bring back past rangers that isn’t jdf. like austin st. jhon, blake foster or bulk as cyan. either asj or blake can be a mentor. and agian please no mor jdf!!
    5. while we have the summer drought, release comic adaptations to pass the time and give us a back story and more character development and other stuff that won’t be in the show like certian cut monsters, plots ect.

  • Beni Driskell

    Take this series seriously and treat it not only as a kids show, but something potential adult-fans could enjoy as well. Super Megaforce is Super Mega Cheesy and honestly, it feels rushed. Making only 20 episodes from a Sentai that was basically a love letter to ALL Super Sentai feels kind of disappointing. Just fix the writing on this one, hire good actors and make it amazing. The costumes look awesome, the zords are awesome, I want to enjoy this adaptation. Don’t let me down Saban.

    P.S. Team up episode! I think it would be cool if you could get ALL the original Dino Themed teams to team up. MMPR, Dino Thunder and Dino Charge all working together. If not that, then at least the Red Rangers. Jason (Austin St. John) and Connor (James Napier) show up to train the new guy on how to properly use the powers of the Tyrannosaurus!

  • Ray

    How about more than 20 episodes and no 2yr deal or gap. just 1 season 32 to 40 eps year with no summer break. The way it now just sucks.

  • Eric Aldo Charette

    Hmmm… How about Kyoryugers NOT BEING ADAPTED AT ALL, for a start.

    I’m sorry if I come off as… offensive, but Saban took the equation that Toei had solved for making badass TV series and not only perverted it, but sodomized it and left it for dead in a ditch. Not to mention the NAMING of these series… “Megaforce”? When the original premise was ANGELS? “SUPER MEGAFORCE”? When the theme was PIRATES, which are being used to “POWER UP” ANGELS? Does that even make sense? No, it doesn’t. Classic Saban screwing things up.

    The way a show like this is SUPPOSED to work is the characters talk with their MOUTHS and fight with their HANDS (or weapons, should they be armed). This is the way Toei has done it to date, and thye’ve made some awesome stuff doing so.

    The way Saban sees this is entirely the opposite: Talk with the hands, fight with the mouth. It seems like there’s entirely TOO MUCH talking going on while the characters are supposed to be fighting, and it looks like they’re all trying to impersonate William Shatner in the act. It’s NOT funny, it’s NOT cool, it’s NOT badass, it just sucks the big one so hard that the big one comes out the bottom and loops around for a second tasting (apologies for that being graphic…)

    Seriously, Saban you want to make this awesome? Wait a year, go BACK to the drawing board, and figure out a way to make the series awesome. I used to LOVE Power Rangers, but after watching the Super Sentai they were born from, I’ve noticed enough disturbing flaws that I’ve been put off ever watching another PR series again. Fix this by making this one better than you usually do, and we may not have a problem.

    Also… Dino Charge? Could you be any LESS creative? Talk about hitting the nail on the head so hard that you drive it home AND hit your thumb in the process. You’re too on the nose. Again, back to the drawing board, and get some people with real creativity to step in and help. What you’re doing is disgusting, and you need to fix it. NOW.

    • OverlordZetta

      While I agree on most of this, let’s be fair here – Kyoryuger itself is full of lots of puns and the like (literally every Zyudenryu name is a pun of some kind), so a show about dinosaurs and batteries being called Dino Charge isn’t THAT offensive.

  • Troy is a Shovel

    Good actors no more Trow burrows characters with no emotion when their should be. heck i bet a shovel could be a better red ranger then him

  • striberx

    Well… new theme song (no Go GO Power Rangers/ Nameing themselves in the intro), Amazing story, great development, clever writing, amazing cast, Good actors, good writers, new weapon/zords/gear names, Jason David Frank as Dino Charge Navy for a few episodes (including the finale), MMPR/DinoThunder/Dino Charge crossover two/three parter episodes, and a new (original) battleizer. that’s what I want to see here.

  • procrastiranger

    Two female regular rangers and a more diverse cast! Would like to see good character development for all the rangers (including the girls), meaning that they grow and change over the season, rather than having unbelievable/trivial/contrived character flaws that exist only to be solved in a one-off episode.

  • Rockman X

    Hmmm. This is fun. Okay!!
    1. Kyouryuuger vs. Go-Busters would be nice to have. If necessary, make it into a two-parter or (with enough commercials cutting in) a three-parter as part of the episode count. It would be easy enough to simply focus on MMPR, Dinothunder, and Dinocharge this way.
    2. I agree with the general consensus on this one: STOP WITH THE BLOODY 20-EPISODE SEASONS. It’s absolutely abysmal, and anyone can see how badly things go when you have no time to properly develop anything, which has been the case here with Megaforce & Super Megaforce. At least it just barely worked for Samurai because while even that was split into “Samurai” & “Super Samurai”, let’s face the facts, it was all one nice 44-or-so episode adaptation of Shinkenger…even if you totally ruined Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger AND Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: The Movie – The Fateful War in order to make that hot mess that was Clash of the Red Rangers.
    Give us a nice year-long season with 44-50 episodes. And even if you HAVE TO go less than that, like say 38-40 like the first couple of Disney era seasons, then for the love of Unicron, SPACE THE EPISODE AIRINGS BETTER SO THAT IT *FEELS* LIKE IT OCCUPIES THE ENTIRE YEAR!!! YES, more episodes costs you more money, but it’s worth it in order to have a superior product overall. Just look back at what made things work in the past, and I’m sure you’ll agree.
    3. Another one I agree with: UNLESS it’s for the MMPR & DT casts in the Dinocharge version of Kyouryuuger vs. Go-Busters, do NOT bring back any former cast members at all. Don’t need’em. Nope, nope, nope…not necessary.
    4. Yes, this one’s outta your hands, but still: at least TRY to talk some sense into Bandai America so that they can finally STOP making the mistake of making their own molds for everything!!! I’m moderately certain that the money spared by not making such useless things like the crappy bikes and non-show figures that nobody cares about could be better suited to making PROPER Japanese mold roleplay gear and PROPER Japanese mold zords, while maintaining the price points that have been around all this time. They almost nailed it with the Gosei Morpher, then they turned around and stunk it up with the Legendary Morpher (to be referred to henceforth as the Legend Midget). That said…
    5. …it’s been SEEN in the press posters. So you’re gonna have to do SOMETHING to avoid making the mistake that Disney made with Jungle Fury. KEEP THE GABUREVOLVER, period. It may as well be the morpher, since it’s also their main sidearm. And besides, in RPM, Ranger Gold & Ranger Silver both got to keep their Wing Trigger/Sky Shift Morpher & Rocket Dagger/Cloud Hatchet…so the Dinocharge version of the Gaburevolver (and Silver’s Giga Gaburevolver) need to stay intact both as the morpher AND as the weapon. (And then stop Bandai America from screwing THAT up, too) This is especially important since you’re going to keep the Beast Battery/Paragon Prism concept intact from the outset.
    6. This is a two-parter. Part One: KEEP TORIN (that badass bird guy) AS THE MENTOR. There is absolutely no need to change this up at all. SPD kept Doggie Kruger, so why not!? Say for instance, whoever Red is happens to be a bit of a hothead or even a bit of a rebel. Torin could keep him in check and help him learn to work with his zord AND the team.

    Part Two: DON’T SCREW UP THE TORIN SUIT. SPD kept Doggie, but the suit that we had looked absolutely hideous, it was like a fish instead of a dog…the suit used in Dekaranger looked infinitely better, not to mention it looked a LOT like Weregarurumon from the original Digimon. Seriously, folks…don’t screw up the bird.
    7. Keep the Kyouryuuger villains. ALL OF THEM.
    8. Here’s something: why not have some love interests or even actual relationships going on FOR REAL? I know you tended to shy away from it somewhat after Tommy&Kimberly, but come on…there were still quite a few throughout the franchise, even if they weren’t as hyped. This even ties into what I said about more episodes to properly develop things – you teased mercilessly at Mike&Emily in Samurai, and you’re teasing mercilessly at Jake&Gia (which probably ain’t happening unless like in Samurai, Jake&Gia decide to run off together somewhere at the very end of the series, which is lame) now. STOP IT. Just have a real relationship develop and let it ride from there.
    9. Why not get a HUGE boost up over Kyouryuuger: Have Carnival Mode (Red’s “Super Mode” power-up) for the core five Rangers and Gold? There’s fanart lurking around online AT LEAST for Kyouryuublack Carnival Mode…and in working with Bandai America on figure design for this, DON’T LET THOSE FROOTS SKIP OUT ON PINK!!
    10. Finally, I KNOW you’ve never been a fan of the whole sentient mecha deal. But JUST THIS ONCE, you should keep the zords able to talk with their partners. It just makes sense given how the Rangers interact with them pretty frequently!!

    11. I lied, this is the last one: GET some actors who can actually ACT and aren’t just eye candy!!! And choreograph the unmorphed fights better, with more fight and less talk!!! Have better music, we’re sick of the crap you’ve spawned since Samurai…especially that stupid theme, it worked for Samurai, but for Megaforce/Super Megaforce, it’s just plain DUMB!!! And stop having SO MUCH TALKING during the morphed fights, what’s the point in doing that…you didn’t even do it THAT much the first time around!!!

  • Mulletking

    Ok, as someone who was a fan in the following order:

    1. Be child, love MMPR.
    2. Be adult, love Tokusatsu and Super Sentai.
    3. “Try” to watch new seasons of Power Rangers, and being totally appalled.

    I mean, if you are going to change the show so much….why not go “all out” in changing the show? Gokai Rangers (pirate themed) and you brought it over here as just….another power ranger show? Do you not know how cool a Pirate show would have been in the west? You should have gone balls to the wall pirate. Make each one of the cast members some famous space pirate, tapped into the Pirates of the Caribbean fanbase, anything, SOMETHING. You already went off the mark, which means you have freedom to do something totally cool. Instead you stripped Gokai of it’s pirate elements (outside of the suits) and made it a basic Power Ranger show.

    That sucked.

    Secondly…..You all add entirely WAY, WAY, WAY too much terrible character banter and talking during the fight scenes for the US show. It’s like the characters just will NOT shut up. On top of that, whoever is writing the dialogue during the fight scenes is NOT as clever, funny, or witty as they “think” they are. It makes the show embarrassing to watch. At least with Super Sentai, it may be campy, but not like, cringe worthy. Tone down the banter, not every character needs to be Spider Man. Super Sentai at least tries to be serious part of the time.

    Also for the “Dino Thunder” remake or whatever of Kyuruger, I don’t know exactly why you are getting rid of so many of the spirit rangers, and/or combining the wrong ones together. I know above I said try to go all out, but maybe for this one, sticking a little closer to the original character concepts might be a better option (as the Kyruger cast of characters was amazing).

    Third: Robert Baldwin should still be “Ramirez”, and also Bulk should be his descendant who he passes down his Cyan powers to. That would be awesome.

    Fourth……Yeah, Cut down on the “witty banter” during fight scenes. It’s dumb. Even kids think it’s dumb. I know I already said it…but please. It’s too much.

  • Mulletking

    Also, make sure people on the production staff watch Kyuruger and see “why it worked” before they try to break it in half for an adaptation.

  • sean

    In order of importance
    1. Black Pink Ranger.
    2. More than one Black person on the team.
    3. A new theme song rather than a remix of the original.
    4. Robert Baldwin as Cyan.
    5. Holiday episodes that aren’t clip shows.
    6. Gaburincho of Music footage used in an arc about the spinozord
    7. Human Actress scenes of the Female Villain.

    • OverlordZetta

      Why is it always the female villain that gets to be human?

      How about we mix it up and let Dogold actually get a body – or have one from the start, even? He’s a suit of armor – if any of the villains should get one, it’s him. Maybe he/his host could be the “black knight” to the knight or whatever Gold is being.

  • Me

    Stop relying so heavily on the Sentai for plot points. Let Power Rangers be it’s own thing. Let the story dictate how the sentai footage is used, not the other way around!

  • OverlordZetta

    If you’re going to emulate the original show, don’t make a half-assed version that just switches out all the Asian aspects. Be just as devoted to that as if you came up with it yourself and treat it with pride, not like a blatant cashin like the past few shows have been.

    If you’re NOT going to emulate the original, then be original about it. Don’t emulate older PR series either. Do something unique. Kyoryuger was a crazy show, this could potentially be great.

    Also, on the note of original content? There were twenty something dinosaurs in the original series, but only ten got Kyoryugers (though we had two Violets and a “Navy” technically) – use those other batteries and make original characters! Make original designs! Do unique stuff that Kyoryuger didn’t dream of – make it stand out. Even if the show ends up bring bad, original Power Ranger designs or monsters or zords and robots WILL be remembered. That’s what you can use to make the show different.


    Power rangers Dino Charge (just some ideas)


    Thelost gems of eltar were hidden deep within the planet earth by zordon long ago. At the time it said. it was the same kind of gem that powered up the original dinozords mega zords, zeo crystal, lights of orion and the source of the dino thunder teams power but even more powerful the likes have even seen. An evil team are in search of the gems and with it want to use it to take over the world.

    Tommy assembles a team of youngsters to save the world. because the morphin grid communicating with the gems it had chosen them to be the new team of power rangers


    red ranger – an adventurer frombrasil he loves to explore the wonders of world , he remembers that is father says that he is destined for great things. He has a childlike love of life and what it brings to others

    pink ranger – a rich girl whos a dancer , she is a rebel and does martial arts she is
    cheerful and bubbly and hates red but is grown to admire him

    black ranger – a cool guy who is a famous trendy fashion model,actor and
    cowboy who is often nicknamed the beauty cowboy from his admirers . He
    is a romantic womanizer and too laid back

    blue ranger – a comic book nerd who does stand up comedy who dreamed as a kid that one day he will become a hero. he is fasintated of being a power ranger and in a way becomes kind of fanboy ( like how gokai silver from gokaiger and akiba red from akibaranger was)

    green ranger – a student who works really hard to be the best than anyone, he is too serious and does not get along with anyone else (his father wants him to master his fencing martial art style and one day take over his fencing school) he

    is shy but learns that to become a hero he needs to have courage and he realises that teamwork is impotant

    deathryuger ( navy ranger)- ,in ancient times the gold ranger had to use the power in order to save his time but in the end went into a deep slumber and then when he wakes up he is cursed by the navy ranger armor similiar to kyoryu gold and dolgold from kyoryuger and similar to merrick and zen aku but siimilar to the green with evil arc and similar to trent’s arc in dino thunder

    Gold ranger – a knight from ancient times who is a courageous and swift like thunder who was to a loner but when the rangers splits the gold ranger from the navy ranger armor he is thankful to the rangers (a marvels thor like of person) because he is in this time . he has to try and fit in this time

    grey ranger – a martial artist he is strong and helps get the rangers in shape he does a mark dacasscos iron chef kind of challenge

    Cyan ranger – blue rangers cousin maybe bulk or the original kyoryu cyan actor

    violet ranger old – an inventor a doc back to the future kind of person. he loves making gadgets and created some of the rangers equipment

    violet ranger new – dr k from rpm kind of person she is a very intellegent woman who as a child had many awards and is helping her father create the ranger dino chargers she is too tommys assistant

    silver ranger – Tommy legendary ranger who explored different ranger planets


    Bring back the mmpr style fighting music ron wasserman track and cinematic music
    sixth ranger theme song and music video for the sixth ranger song
    more original koichi sakamoto action for power rangers
    samba dance excercise credits similar to kyouryuger

    make it fun for the kids and interactve to make the kids feel like they are part of the team. strong role models. but good writing, good story and good original action for the older fans

    marvel avengers like humor
    full 40 episode season. no more split seasons
    new original opening theme song

    Power rangers stage shows to promote the series
    A oneshot Power rangers concert event where famous musicisans to cover
    sing full versions of the power rangers theme songs also with ron
    wasserman too and release it on dvd and bluray

    a bulk and skull web series comedy shorts

    Power rangers Dino Charge Final Episode: Fully Charged. Dino Generations unite ( 3 part episode ) . Fanfic

    tommy the silver dino charge rangers gets a distress call from an alien planet where the gobusters rangers are facing off a army of evil and almost lost until the mysterious red ranger (akared) appeared in a flash his idenitity is unknown.

    meanwhile the six dinocharge rangers are having fun. Thats when the new goldar and zeltrax who mysteriously appear the rangers morph and the dinocharge rangers were almost done for until the tommy arrived to help and then the shock
    happens tommy must confront his past and in shock jason the original red ranger his best friend and connor the dino thunder ranger his former student who is now a very famous soccer player who is now a soccer coach are under a deep spell .

    Tommy says he would not fight them and gets injuried

    Tommy as been taken by the villans and the rangers need to retreat for now as they have to find a way to stop them. When all hope is lost the mysterious red ranger brings the other dino thunder rangers ethan the famous tech wizard and kira who is a former singer who is now a famous podcaster ( who the pink dino charge ranger looks up to) . Then the mysterious ranger mysteriously disappears. it appears that the mysterious red ranger brought back the 2 dino gems powers and are waiting to charge and will take time to be fully charge so they can
    change again.

    While alpha 5 is look for the location for the villians base.

    The dino charge rangers informs ethan and kira about dr o (tommy) and connor.. they were shocked about hearing this, ethan trys to find information on who the new goldar and zeltrax really are.

    The dino charge rangers are willing to take a chance a try to save the city and face the villans but they were too strong and thats when the gobuster alien rangers appear to help out the dino charge rangers. Then the dino charge rangers go to the villians base to get tommy out and defeat a monster but the new goldar and zeltrax are still too strong as they have the 2 former reds .

    Then tommy takes a chance fight jason and try to wake him up from the spell and kira and ethan do the same with connor. Then ethan with the help of alpha 5 spots a transmitter that is controlling the reds

    The dino charge rangers uses the cannon with the alien ranger to locate the target locked on and fired it. with the transmitter destroyed the former reds are back to normal the other rangers releived

    thats when the epic battle begins the other original mmpr rangers turn up appearing and tommy receives a tempoary power up upgrade and as the ablitiy to morph into his other ranger powers from his past. green white red zeo and black dino thunder

    The rangers morph the dino charge rangers morph then jason morphs to the
    red ranger and the three dino thunder rangers morph as their powers
    fully charged and can only use it in once as well as the other past

    they fight. they win. the villians grow, then after megazord action and win


    the rangers talk and get along well and then the mysterious ranger who is slowly fading away mysteriously as the dimensional portal is closing the gobuster alien rangers go back to their planet and then the mysterious ranger reveals himself to be zordon. tommy and jason are thanking him for helping them out then he dissapears.

    Then at angel grove they is an event the dino charge rangers go with the past rangers to a special samba event and are there and have fun, (also bulk, skull and
    spike appear and comedy insues)

    Then in space the mysterious red ranger ( footage from gokaiger 199 hero movie where akared files into space) and says the universe is now in safe hands

  • OverlordZetta

    Oh, and if Saban is really seeing this?

    Some video games would be nice, especially since most Sentai ones are region locked now. Don’t just recreate the Sentai ones, reach out to developers and make some cool games.

    Heck, make a Power Rangers version of Skylanders for actual gaming consoles. You could pick your favorite robots and heroes from whatever show you wanted (provided it had a figure) and go wild with them. There’s a lot of untapped potential for video games here – just because Bandai Namco isn’t going crazy with Sentai games doesn’t means you can’t with PR.

  • big_smile


    ONE: Show the Rangers dealing with everyday problems

    The original Power Rangers showed kids how to overcome everyday problems.
    It provided invaluable life skills alongside the fantasy action.

    For example, dealing with false accusations (“The Accident”), accepting differences (“A Rift in the Rangers”), baby-sitting unruly children (“No Clowning Around”) and body image (“Weight and See”).

    This established a deep emotional bond with the characters, as kids could see the Rangers grow and develop, and relate the Ranger’s lessons to their own lives.

    Modern Power Rangers rarely deal with problems and when they do, the Rangers are too perfect. They know exactly how to handle every situation. There’s never any conflict, struggle or sense of loss. There’s no lesson to learn.

    TWO: Have a stronger cohesive plot in each episode
    In modern Power Rangers, the villains randomly send down a monster that has some random power.

    In older episodes, the villains would create a monster to take advantage of some difficulty a particular Ranger was having in his/her civilian life. Defeating the monster required the Ranger to overcome his/her personal problem. The episodes were more exciting, as the emotional stakes were high.

    Each episode felt like a cohesive story as opposed to a disjointed collection of fight scenes.

    THREE: Have story arcs
    Some of the best seasons have on-going story arcs that keep kids hooked. The main story in each episode is strong enough to appeal to casual viewers who don’t watch every episode. But the sub-plots reward loyal fans and encourage them to keep watching.

    The trick is to have multiple shorter story arcs that are resolved within 3-to-6 episodes.
    Modern Power Rangers tend to have one or two arcs that take all season to unfold. By the time we get to the 5th episode, the arc becomes repetitive and boring.

    FOUR: Make new powers a well deserved reward
    These days, the Rangers get new powers just for fighting villains, which isn’t different from the norm, as they battle villains every episode.
    The characters say they need the powers as the villains are too strong, but we never really see the consequences of the villains’ strength: Instead the show just tells us that the situation is grave.

    In older episodes, the Rangers had to earn new powers by making a difficult decision and had to overcome stakes that were higher than normal. For example, in “Changing of the Zords”, the Rangers come close to sacrificing their whole team (by agreeing to work for Lord Zedd). The new powers they got were much more exciting, because we actually SAW them lose everything and then we SAW them come back from the brink of defeat.

    FIVE: Better music
    The music in old Power Rangers brought the action to life and gave viewers a real rush. Music in new Power Rangers tends to recycle the same overused bland tunes. Bring back Ron Wasserman and kids everywhere will be humming Power Rangers tunes all day long!

    SIX: Better Fight Scenes
    When Disney owned the show, they really improved the quality of the fight scenes. The battles were so breath-taking, they often made Hollywood films look dull!

    The fights in modern Power Rangers feel very dated. Bring back Koichi Sakamoto and let him work his magic! He sometimes over did it during the Disney years, but he is an essential asset to the show.

  • ZECT

    Hello there!
    Now… I really only have one request… and it’s to make dino charge as brilliant as rpm, I swear rpm turned a goofy go onger, into one of the best power rangers series out there.

  • JC

    Here is what i want from a autistic 14 year old who loves pr and sentai
    first off have the samba theme from kyoryuger
    second have a guy like doctor ulshade who screams at the top of his lungs and thats funny
    3. go crazy with explosions but not kalish crazy but just at least do one for the monster explosion
    4. dont do go go power rangers as the theme its tiring and we need something new and not some remix
    5.Create oridginal storys and try to make peaple fall in love with the characters
    6.let a kid be a ranger for once cause hey we need a kid to say kids could be heroes too
    7.use gobusters as a special team that helps on the sideline
    8.Do a team up with the dino rangers
    9.do a dance at the credits so the kids could dance along cause that will be pretty cool
    10.dont have the morpher be like lame and not exiting put energy into it like shigeru chiba aka doctor ulshade does it but if you cant do the gaburivolver use the prismns like the spirit rangers and put it into a phone like thing
    11.have the villains not act stupid have them atually come up with something menacing
    12.have a character of the week and have them be the main guy
    13.use torin or at least make a new version of torin
    14.look for fanfic writers with ideas you can use
    15.have events where you can get a limited time editon prism or battery or whatever your using as the toy gimmick
    16.create oridginal rangers
    well thats about it and sorry for my bad grammar

  • Use the stock footage a vessel to tell a story that you want to tell, rather than just trying to get through it all as quickly as possible. Think of the characters as actually people who grow organically in response to their experiences, rather than just as static archetypes.

    Most importantly, don’t talk down to your audience. Kids are smarter then most people give them credit for, and they can handle complex and even thought provoking storylines. Give them a bit more credit.

  • V

    As a former fan (watched religiously from MMPR to Space), I would like to see more ethnic diversity, especially an Asian Red Ranger first and foremost. Samurai, more so after reading Amit Bhaumik’s initial outline for the series, would have been the time for that, but that book’s been written. In my opinion, especially as an African-American, it’s harder for someone to relate to a hero if that hero doesn’t look like them, or worse, if the writers base the characterization of that hero on stereotypes. Yes the series has had TJ Johnson, Shane Clarke, Jack Landors and Scott Truman, but casting an Asian as the Red Ranger would further empower the younger Asian viewers of the show.
    Use more Sentai footage, especially morph footage. Excluding Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Space, Lost Galaxy and Wild Force, the Power Ranger morphs oftentimes are either excessively elaborate (Samurai, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, SPD) or flashy (Turbo, Mystic Force, Dino Thunder, Lightspeed Rescue), giving the impression that half the budget was spent animating them. The Sentai morph sequences are generally more straightforward. And about the morph sequences, “Go Go Megaforce/Samurai” is lazy, especially since considering in past seasons we’ve had “Let’s Rocket”, “Time for Time Force” and “Ninja Storm Ranger Form”. The writers should come up a better phrase for Dino Charge, or have the fans post some on the Power Rangers Facebook page, and let the fans vote on the final one.
    Despite the number of additional Kyoryuger Beast Batteries, the producers don’t need to use them to throw more Rangers into the series, similar to what was done in Jungle Fury. Outside of the original six, the other four were only recurring characters themselves, and if the other Batteries were turned into Rangers, the cast would quickly reach “too many cooks” levels.
    Bring Ron Wasserman back if it hasn’t been said already, since he has a proven successful track record. Reusing the original MMPR theme was a decent throwback for Samurai, but doing it again for Mega and Super Megaforce shows laziness on the part of the producers.
    Bring production back to the US, instead of sending American actors to New Zealand (for nonunion pay to boot), then hiring New Zealand/Australian actors and having them do, or attempt with hit or miss success, American accents, with their native accents occasionally slipping out. Moving production back to the US should allow for more team-ups between past seasons, like with every series before Ninja Storm

  • gogogogo

    only 1 thing,dont make it a serious story,super sentai always better than power ranger because their story is not serious,full of comedy,the actor can do something hilarious,stupid,and nonsense

  • Royce Phelps

    All 11 Kyoryugers as the Dino Charge Rangers they can mix and swap team mates for battles around the world! A team up of ALL 3 DINO RANGER TEAMS (total of 22 verus a big bad near the end or for the end of the series)
    Torin is a mentor like in japan but is a student of Zordon, the series doesn’t need to be “super dark” but it can get pretty dark and rough!
    Keep the blaster morphers, honestly I liked the music, cause it’s been apart of PR series a long time.
    Deathryuger turning good like the Green Ranger and White Drago Ranger, why ruin a good trend?
    Purple and Cyan male rangers trading powers to girl rangers just like in japan.
    The male toy figures not looking like steroid junkies and the girl rangers are availible to buy. A nice long/ good season (NO CRAMMING THE WORD SUPER DOWN OUR EARS!!!)
    Good character development, story line, decent battles (civilian and morphed) and some good ranger fun. And a decent PR opening with a new song, MMPR theme not needed unless a small begining tone/lyric for lead off.
    Tommy and several other Classic Dino Rangers/allies either helping in the shadows or in the open till a good big reveal. And a long season 40 or 52 episodes would be great. You know traditional PR Style not speed battling the enemy in less then 20 episodes.

  • mathew monier

    All I want is a good story, competent acting, great directing, no Super in the name, and music that’s not just a pop bastardization of go go power rangers

  • William Jeremiah Bumgarner

    The main thing I want is a return to the same level of acting we had in the pre-Disney era. Everything from Ninja Storm on just seemed so lacking in emotion and line delivery. Seeing a classic Ranger or two return for a cameo or ongoing role wouldn’t be a terrible idea, either, but the main thing that has kept me from watching the show the last few years has been the (and I hate to say this because I know these actors are trying their best) atrocious performances we’ve been given. Enact some higher standards in auditions and gold the actors to those standards after casting is finished. If this can be accomplished, anything else is just an additional bonus. I have been watching the show since it premiered in 1993 and my love for it brought me to the tokusatsu genre, and I hate to see it drop to such a low.

  • Icknaybob

    I would like to see at least one of the past Rangers come back as a one of the 10 Rangers. And yes, please have all 10 Rangers in Dino Charge.

  • Mikayla

    Some of the things I would like to see.

    1. A well thought out plot for the whole series. That includes character development on the same scale as MMPR. This is a kids show but there is no need to dumb things down. Kids these days need to have the sort of show we used to
    have. Us fans turned out fine, so Saban, re-watch MMPR through In Space and see what you did right. Lord Zedd for example. So some people thought he was a bit too scary, but that’s a good thing. It makes the threat a bit more realistic.

    2. No old rangers leading the team. No old rangers coming back to mentor them. We saw this in Super Megaforce, it doesn’t need to happen again. At least not to start with. You have a perfect opportunity here with the footage from the Go-Busters vs Kyoryuger movie to bring back some of the old MMPR cast (whether it’s season 1,2 or 3 characters it won’t really matter to the fans). Example, if you can’t get the likes of Amy Jo Johnson, get Catherine Sutherland. And Thuy Trang is no longer with us (RIP) but you could get either of the two actresses who played the Aiesha/Tanya. Us fans would no doubt love to see that footage (of the original Zyurangers when they return to help Geki) being used to show the original rangers returning to help Jason/Rocky and the Dino Thunder & Dino Charge rangers.

    3. The music. As some have stated, go back to the old style. Proper tracks and instrumental music for when the rangers fight. Themes like Combat, Here come the rangers etc.

    4. A proper run of a series. So even if you can’t agree to a deal with the channels for more, we would like to see at least 30 episodes. There is no time to really get
    into the story if it’s only 20 episodes long.

    5. I would like to see Go-Busters used in some way or another. Learn from the Legend war and SMF where you have no real explanation for the appearance of unknown ranger teams that we never saw before.

    6. Decent writing. (By the way, I want to be a writer so get in touch. I would love to write for Power Rangers!) The original MMPR actually taught me a lot of lessons. The stories actually showed the rangers having to deal with issues. I learned things like standing up for what’s right, not giving up on your friends, caring for things such as the environment etc.

    7. The theme song. Now I don’t mind if you do a remix of Go Go Power Rangers, but if you are going to, do it properly. Look at Zeo, Turbo etc. Don’t just go and use a newer version of the original.

    8. A bit more diversity in terms of the cast. Not just in terms of race. Different nationalites would be good too. Let’s see a ranger from somewhere like Britain, Italy or Brasil for example. The Kyoryugers dance, so maybe that’s an idea to

    Nothing else I can think of at this moment.

  • Noah Bowden

    I want to see better fleshed out characters in terms of backstory and character developement. Compentent actors with better dialoge and material to work with. Story arcs that wil leave us on the edge of or seats and dont be afraid to get little more serious with them.For the theme song no more rehashes of the mighty morphin theme its getting pretty lame now and only sounds good in Ron Wasserman’s voice. No more hqving the rangers shout out their names in the opening, we know who they are or atleast we’ll learn.Please also don’t name the second half super dino charge just keep it Dino Charge and it will be fine. Lastly only if you are able to,tell the people at Nickelodeon or Viacom that power rangers needs at least 40 episodes a year and that 20 episodes puts you behind schedule in adapting the sentais. Of course they might nof know what super sentai is but explain to them in a way that they will understand.

  • Gary

    One you could use Robert Baldwin as Cyan. I say this because you could buy the rights to Ramirez having him in the series where you could potentially have a cross over episode with the Kyoryugers. Fact is you could work with Toei directly on the episodes or even a movie which would draw in a ton of interest from people all over the world. Jason David Frank has to be involved. Much like Dino Thunder this series is set up to be a situation where he could come in as one of two roles; Silver playing a role similar to Torin or you could make Deathryuger (Navy) a permanent villain with JDF once again being brought to the dark side of things and you could even make it the Dino Charge mission to save Tommy Oliver from evil. In the latter scenario you could bring back the Dino Thunder Rangers as Violet, Gray, and Gold with possibly Austin St. John as Silver leading the way. In either scenario I am still desiring to see Robert Baldwin reprise his role as Cyan bringing together Sentai and Power Rangers. Now as for the main five…honestly I believe you have to go with a character a lot like Cole to pull off Red. The fight scenes he is just a lot more confident and head strong then the rest. If you went with the idea that he lived on his own before coming into the situation as Red even having a JDF or Austin St. John bringing him in to be Red after seeing his potential. A former Power Ranger hand picking each of these characters to be apart of the Dino Charge team would be great. Given the Spirit Ranger situation you could have Ramirez as an old friend of Zordon’s. Maybe even have him apart of the first team that took down Rita with Zordon, having died in the battle. This is really the series for a potential cross over with Sentai giving way for more friendly relations between the Sentai and the American Power Rangers. Not sure what could happen with the potential Go-Busters elements, but simply taking some monsters from them would help at least just length the series.

  • shabadoobie

    1. it’s about time we had a new theme song, guys. no more MMPR remixes!
    2. red ranger of colour; as a longtime asian viewer i’d love to see the first asian red ranger (it’s been running twenty years and we still haven’t had an asian red…). otherwise, there have only been a handful of non-caucasian reds, so another one wouldn’t hurt.
    3. same as everyone else–it’s kind of a shame we have to point it out, really–an awesome, engaging, appeals-to-all-ages story that doesn’t talk down to kids. if you’re worried about merchandise sales, diversify the merch range, stop relying on toy sales. proper collectibles for older kids and adults, like shirts or the necklaces advertised for April Fools’, since they got such a great response
    4. this is obviously kinda early, but when it’s time to adapt ToQGer, i’d love to see you guys go full-out RPM- or Lost Galaxy-style reinterpretation of the footage. do a complete rewrite, maybe even go dark like RPM.

  • Kb

    PLEASE!!!! change the theme song to something brand new instead of a remix of MMPR. Have a better storyline and better actors. In the song PLEASE don’t let the rangers say their name. Make the scenes look like back in the 90s or early 2000s. At the end please show haim saban name as the end credit at the end and show what’s the next episode and show the end credits with a picture of how the megazord forms. Instead of putting power rangers on Saturday morning make it Saturday night at 8 with a DIFFERENT channel. Have better morphing. PLEASE don’t put a super season for dino charge or any other season. Make this series a 40-50 episode. Make the sixth ranger EVIL until the rangers break the spell. Have better villains even at least put 1 human as the leader or something

  • Dre

    All I can say is just don’t mess this one up. Have actors who I actually Care about and PLEASE have a villain that actually is menacing. Have a team up episode that will be good and have a good story plot. 40-50 episodes would be great! There’s so many flaws but please don’t mess it up like samurai and megaforce!!! Go to your roots and take a look at all of the great ideas you made back then!!!!

  • power fan

    Not to sound mean but i don’t think a fat guy as a ranger is all that amazing. That’s something for sentai not power rangers. Plus the dancing they do when they morph on sentai is just ridiculous!!!! We don’t need that. We also need an original villain because we haven’t had one of those in a long time. And please keep all of the rangers. It would also be awesome to have the special where dino thunder and mmpr team up with dino charge. I have always loved power rangers!!!!! So please don’t mess this one up like samurai and megaforce! Just go back to the good ol’ days where everyone enjoyed power rangers. Seasons like RPM, Time Force, SPD, in space, and dino thunder. I know that Disney created three of those but please use those as examples. It can keep the happiness and silliness, but please give us something to work with!!! Children are not dumb!!! Even little 4 yr. Olds understand a complex story plot. They want better story and characters too. Also please just give go busters it’s own season because it’s too awesome to try to fuse with dino charge. Maybe when your contract with Nick is over you can start off on the vortexx with go busters. Just promote it and all fans will be on their way to the vortexx every Saturday.

    P.S. I will always love power rangers and hope you guys fix the problems. Need any help contact me at scott.hendon@yahoo.com
    or 318-493-1434

    • Scott hendon

      We also need a new song. I’m tired of hearing “go go power rangers.” It would have worked for megaforce, but samurai should have had its own song also. Just please make a new theme for the show. Don’t have them talking so much during a fight. You have time for 90s nostalgia during the new movie. Just don’t screw this up please. I love power rangers and samurai/super samurai and megaforce/super megaforce has me doubting the abilities of saban entertainment.

  • Scott hendon

    Your next movie should be based on the sentai dino charge team up movie. This would be much better than making a reboot. You could easily do the dino charge movie when all of the dino seasons team up and old villains are brought back. Plus that way you could work go busters into the story plot. This is a much better idea!!!!

    • allen hileman


  • Kamen Rider Ifrait

    Different theme song no more go go power rangers and keep the samba dance and create a another American exclusive ranger

  • allen hileman


  • allen hileman


  • George

    I’d like if Dr. O and Hailey were the ones who were referenced as having made the updated version of the morphers when you transition them to Super Dino Charge, since they were from the last dino based MMPR program, we know that Jason David Frank is a very busy person, that he would only do 1 or 2 episodes for nothing, and it would be good if he was the one in charge of handing or making morphers for future teams, whether it’s by reference or appearance. In Jungle Fury, RJ mentioned getting in contact with someone who had access to the Morphing Grid who made the morphers for the Jungle Fury Team, that someone could be Tommy aka Dr. O. We know Tommy has been about 4 different rangers, however being a mentor or a facilitator to the mentor of any future ranger team would be good, it would keep the link to the past without taking attention away from the team itself.

  • -Good Characterization, fun Story
    -Original or greatly modified theme song (without “go go” or “together/forever”)
    -Video games (PR severely lacks this)
    -Power ups (pink ranger especially, pink should be no exception for any amp which is beyond just one ranger)
    -Balanced mood
    -READ THIS!!!
    Well, easier said than done huh.
    Hope this forms into one of the best PR season ever…and the start of a *streak*?

  • Kurt Erpenbach

    Kurt Erpenbach January 23, 2015
    I have a few thoughts, 1. Have Tommy Oliver and Kat Hillard get married. 2. Start a legacy with tommy and kat’s children. 3. Have future interactions for tommy and karone since they started off evil. They have at least that in common. 4. Reveal who tommy’s biological parents are. 5. Since Gosei is Zordon’s student just like the Rangers from Mighty Morphin and Zeo, Gosei should be involved more often rather than him and Tensou simply observing.

  • Charlie Rowlinson

    I would like to see some of the old power rangers (and not just the old rangers) I loved power Rangers as a kid and it would be nice for the show to get back to the basics of what the show used to be like. Although i still love it it would be nice to see some of the old mixed in with the new. Sometimes the old has a view on things that the new can’t replace. Although I have to admit i still love it whenever i see Tommy come back into the show.

  • I wanted Saban to explain how an interracial team of Samurai Rangers have Japanese ancestors , I wanted Gosei to explain the pirate theme as well as the new unknown power better and not be such an incompetent idiot whose less helpful than a drunk Lassie ( Legendary Super Star Dog ),I wanted thirty episodes a season, I wanted all of the Super Megaforce Rangers to morph into all of their Legendary Ranger Modes, I wanted all of the Ranger Keys to be released in toy stores and not leave out most of the girl Rangers, I wanted the greatest anniversary episode ever and I also wanted the return of Zordon and Alpha. But nnnooooo, all We and even I got was a bunch of B.S. which I’m pretty sure ment that Saban and Nickelodeon doesn’t give a you know what about what the fan’s really really want and only care about money money money. Unfortunately, they lost a lot of money with how badly they screwed up five years in a row starting with Disney’s terribly updated version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season one back in 2010. I prefer to call it The Power Rangers Five Years of Crap, but that’s just Me. Anyway, what I now want in Dino Charge and Dino Supercharge is Tommy Oliver either coming back as the Dinocharge Silver Ranger or the navy coloured Talon Ranger, a team up with the stuper Megaforce Rangers, a team up with the other Dinosaur themed Power Ranger teams, Kendall Morgan to stop being such a stuck up witch and holiday specials that are not premonition episodes. That’s it.

  • Also, I want to see Billy Cranston come back from Aquatar as the original Dino Charge Purple Ranger with the Plezio Charge Megazord before passing them down to Kendal Morgan, for the next Power Rangers videogame to be more like playing a 1990’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game and today’s Street Fighter or Injustice God’s Among Us combined with the Rangers all having their own unique fighting styles with the Megazords fighting the same way instead of a few attacks per turn and for Saban to erace all of the Super Megaforce episodes along with the Megaforce episodes called The Messenger and End Game and tell the whole world that they no longer exist in Power Rangers community; thus, ending Megaforce with episode 18: The Human Condition and the Christmas special.

  • You know what? We also need the Super Megaforce Rangers to Legendary Morph into the all of the other members of Power Set’s 2,3,4&5 in the team up with the Dino Charge Rangers. Power Set 2 : Red,Blue,Yellow, Black and Pink Lighting Storm Rangers. Power Set 3 : Red ,Blue,Yellow,Green and Pink Prism Rangers. Power Set 4 : Red,Blue,White,Black and Pink Blitz Force Rangers. Power Set 5 : Red,Blue,Yellow,Black and Pink Supersonic Rangers. Maybe also add Legendary Grid Buster Mode and definitely morph into all of the Legendary Rangers from Mighty Morphin and Mighty Squadron to Samurai and Megaforce. Get it together Saban and get all of these Legendary Ranger Modes together in that two part team up special/episode,and do it all before January of 2016.

  • I expeshaly think that Saban should wait until Dino Supercharge before premiering the Aqua, Grabite ( or whatever he’s called ), Purple, Silver and Talon Rangers; unless he wants to bring in the Purple Ranger for the Christmas special, but that’s his decision unfortunately.

  • Annom

    First off, make the characters “edgy” a bit rougher like Troy from PRMF. Less CGI, its too much. MMPR had more solid and character driver stories. More character development. I understand the show is aimed for a very young audience but notice of more movies and shows get more attention when its toned down a bit, in fact I predict your movie for 2017 will be successful because of the route of seriousness and realness its going.

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