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We all know that everyone is excited for the new MMPR reboot that Saban Brands announced, but how cool would it be if there was a former Ranger behind the camera? Well, we can make that happen!

Matt Austin, aka Bridge from Power Rangers SPD, has shown interest in directing the movie. As such, fans have banded together to make a petition, to give to Saban, to, at least, think about it.

If you wish to sign your name to the growing list of people who want Matt to direct the film, click the link below!


If you’re unsure whether he has what it takes, here is a small clip of something he did:

Crash from Ignite on Vimeo.


  • Daniel Smith

    That video is NOT Matt Austin’s work. It’s some weird mash up of Childish Gambino’s “firefly” music video with a clip of voltron and a crappy guitar. Who even pulled that up?

      • Daniel Smith

        The problem is that he has a number of ACTUAL shorts on that very page that he made and directed. Out of those, they decided to pick who amounts to about a AMV made by a highschooler. :/ I’m not saying the guy isn’t talented, I don’t know his body of work, but THAT video will give people the idea he has worked in scifi like film which he hasn’t.

        • Action Jackson

          Totally fair enough. At the same time, though, Marc Webb hadn’t directed anything close to action/comic book movie and was still given the chance to bridge rom-com to Spiderman.

          • Daniel Smith

            Thus why the only thing I said was regarding the video clip. I love fresh blood, but to be fair Marc had worked for a long time in music videos, and those really were what sold the studio on him. The ability to bring sound and setting to action.

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