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Yesterday on Toei’s personal Youtube Channel something of interest popped up!  We have a rough translation of the message  thanks to our crack team here at HJU. It hints at either the return of the Legendary Space Sheriffs or the new Hero Next Project. So take up your Laser Sword and let us know what you think!

The translation of this message is as followes:

“A crime spree by the space criminal syndicates “Maku”, “Mado”, and “Fuma” which the Galactic Police once destroyed is on the rise on all planets in the universe…”

Now the three syndicates are infact the three crime families that were either defeated or banished by the legendary Space Sheriffs such as Gavan or Sharivan.

This screenshot however teases that this could also be potentially another Hero Next project using actors and actress from the Space Sheriff movies.


Only time will tell. So be sure to check back as we will have more news to confirm the project one way or another!

Source by Toei’s Youtube page which can be found here.


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