Via Facebook, Bluefin just announced this year’s Morphinominal SDCC exclusive: it’s S.H.Figuarts Armored Black Ranger!

The Armored Black Ranger was teased in an interview Mr.Vangelus himself conducted at NYCC last year and it’s finally coming, among his accessories are a Power Axe, Blade Blaster, and set of interchangeable hands according to the product description from Bluefin with no word on price as of yet.

For those new to the fandom: The Armored Black Ranger appeared in Oyster Stew, an episode created exclusively for Mighty Morphin to extend the life of the show, dubbed the “Zyu2” footage.


This is Bandai’s 2nd offering for this year’s Comic Con, along side a recolor of S.H.Figuarts Vegeta.

In the same interview that teased the Armored Black Ranger, Bluefin also expressed interest in an version of Green Ranger without the Dragon Armor, and with Armored Black Ranger coming, another Green Ranger is also very possible.


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