For the first time ever, Super Sentai will be heading to North American shores. ShoutFactory via Twitter just confirmed they will be bringing Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger to DVD.

We all know Zyuranger as the series that would later be adapted into Mighty Morhpin Power Rangers, the series first aired on February 21st 1992, the series was about five ancient warriors awoken from suspended animation in present time to fight the witch Bandora and her magical creations.

Currently, not much information is known about this release other than it will contain subtitles. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing more news from ShoutFactory as SDCC is currently on going.

Of course, there’s always a possibility that ShoutFactory could release more Sentai state side on DVD, so please let’s all do our part to make sure this release is a success!



  1. This is excellent news as it will show to people who have only known mmpr from their childhoods will now see where the show originally came from.

    Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (Dinosaur Squadron BeastRangers) is a good choice for a western release since it’s the source for MMPR which started the pop culture phenomenon in the 90’s


  2. seeing this being good news is one thing but it still brings into question the video quality of the DVDs not to mention the subtitle translation accuracy

      1. still it brings into question the accuracy and quality of the english subs, after all saban is going to be footing the bill so chances are they could bastardize the subtitles all they want to get it to sound like something they want or is “American Friendly” enough

        1. I doubt Shout Factory would do a half assed job of it. granted there were some timing issues with the subs on the Ultraseven DVDs, but the subs were actually pretty good overall. and given that they made this announcement at freaking Comic Con, they know they will be under scrutiny from their customers to deliver a quality product. because they know that if they screw this up, it will be a smack in the face to all of their loyal customers who have bought all of the Power Ranger box sets and all the other things that Saban has released like Beetleborgs and VR Troopers. They have done a pretty fantastic job delivering the goods with many of their releases over the past few years, so I think they’re gonna do a pretty good job with this one.

  3. This is awful news. The sets are always like $200 for a single season, the subs are either lousy or stolen from a free site. This means that more people will steal the DVDs/Blurays on sites such as thePirateBay, et al
    I’ve watched the GUIS and TVN subs of Zyuranger, and I grew up watching MMPR.

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