Released in October of 2007 for Power Ranger’s 15th Anniversary, Power Rangers Super Legends for the DS is a side scrolling action game.  So should you grab your morpher and answer the call to action, or just sit this one out?  Grab your DS and let’s find out!

Power Rangers Super Legends 15th Anniversary
System: Nintendo DS
Developer: Handheld Games and Disney Interactive Studios

There exists a place called the Hall of Legends, which contains the collected power of the Power Rangers from across time. The evil Gluto enters a secret lab to access it’s Time Chamber.  Time Force is called to stop him, but ultimately fails.  That’s when the Omega Ranger arrives, having traveled through time using his special Omega Crystal to capture Gluto.  Gluto smashes the crystal which transports the Omega Ranger to the Hall of Legends. That is where Omega meets the Guardian Ranger on his quest though time to stop Gluto.

“Play as the greatest Power Rangers of all time! Choose from 16 Power Rangers, battle enemies with massive combos and super moves, and pilot a high speed flyer and combat with Megazords!” as stated on the back of the game case.


Power Rangers Super Legends plays exactly how you would expect a side scrolling action game would.  Control your selected Ranger though the level from left to right using your fists, sword, gun to defeat classic goons and fight evil bosses. The first time you play through a level you will control the main Ranger for that level’s time period, however on each other play through, you are able to select any of the 16 Power Rangers from the 15 year history that you have unlocked.

In each mission you’ll be looking to collect Power Crystals so that the Guardian Ranger can unlock more of your power and other levels in the game.
The game is controlled strictly through button input, even with the majority of the action occurring on the touch pad. The only time the touch pad comes into play is during the Megazord Battles.
The AI isn’t much to write home about and enemies will just mindlessly run at you chipping away your health if you don’t take care of them in an orderly fashion. With 25 stages (including replays) this can get repetitive quickly. Boss battles are a little tougher, but once you learn each bosses patterns they can be defeated in no time.


The sprites for each Power Ranger are clear and colorful and you’ll have no problem identifying which ranger is which (However no matter which Power Ranger you choose, they all play exactly the same.) The backgrounds on the other hand can get repetitive throughout the level, so don’t expect any super detailed and exciting locals.  It is also hard to tell which platforms you are able to interact with.  There will be some crystals that you will find in a level that look like they should be easy to acquire, only to discover the platform that is right underneath it, is part of the background and cannot be interacted with. Overall the game looks good and preforms smoothly on the Nintendo DS.


Game Modes
Enter the main hub of the game and continue the adventure from where you last left off.

Play together with a friend using the Nintendo DS’s Wifi capability.

Adjust audio levels in the game for SFX, Music, and the microphone.  You can also switch the language here as well.

Pretty self explanatory, view a list of all the people that brought this game together.


Is this the best Power Rangers video game ever made?  Not by a long shot, but it is enjoyable in short bursts. GameStop has the game listed at $13 Used and that seems about a fair price for it, but don’t spend more than $20. I’d recommend adding this game to your Power Rangers or Nintendo DS game collection, if you can find it cheap enough.



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