Premium Bandai Fashion is releasing jackets and accessories for Kamen Rider Drive/Shinnosuke Tomari, as well as Kiriko Shijima’s uniform and the outfits of the villains Chase, Heart, and Brain. More pictures and ordering information after the break!

Shinnosuke Tomari (Kamen Rider Drive) wears a black and grey blazer (16,200 yen) with a striped tie (4,320 yen).

Kiriko Shijima wears a Special Unit blue police uniform jacket and skirt (32,400 yen, sold together) with a red tie (4,320 yen). The collar of the jacket and the tie feature a checkered flag print. The uniform hat (4,860 yen) is sold separately.

Chase (Mashin Chaser) wears a high-necked metallic purple synthetic leather jacket with chain and stud detailing (24,840 yen). He also wears matching purple pants (11,340 yen). For accessories, Chase wears a genuine leather belt (15,120 yen) with a matching leather wrist cuff (8,640 yen), as well as a sterling silver skull ring (16,200 yen).

Heart wears a long red synthetic leather jacket with a polyester fur collar and metallic trim (37,800 yen). He also wears a sterling silver heart ring (16,200 yen) and an earring (10,800 yen).

Brain wears a green wool blend blazer with silver accents (18,360 yen). His silk handkerchief (initialed “B”, 2,484 yen) and silver glasses (9,720 yen) are also available.

Pre-orders are currently open for all items with the first run shipping  in January. Most clothing items come in sizes S-L; however, sizing generally runs a full size smaller than corresponding US sizes. Premium Bandai does not sell internationally, but items can be ordered through a middleman service, including Japan Hero Collectibles.

[From: http://p-bandai.jp/fashion-net/c0002/c000209/list-pa20-n0/]


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