Ultraman Ginga S

One of Ultraman Ginga’s biggest enemies returns again in Ultraman Ginga S. Hit the jump to learn more about the reappearance of Dark Rugiel, along with details for Episodes 11 and 12, but be warned, there are spoilers!

Chiburu Seijin Exceler, who found Dark Rugiel on the moon, is going to revive him as VictoRugiel. Exceler fused the Victorium with Dark Rugiel to transform him into a darker version of Shepardon. He has a Energy Orb on his chest which looks like a Color Timer, similar to the one on every Ultra.

Ultraman Ginga S Ultraman Ginga S

In Ultraman Ginga S Episode 11, Gan Q befriends a young boy in town, and for him, he decides to fight Akumaniya Seijin Elte along with Ultraman Victory and Ultraman Ginga. 
In Ultraman Ginga S Episode 12, Metron Seijin Jace decides to fight Zoamurchi to protect an Idol. He first fights alone with Zoamurchi but then Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Victory appear to help him fight. Ultraman Victory is seen fighting Zoamurchi along with his New UltLance, Sherpardon Saber.

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