Power Rangers InstagramThe official Power Rangers Instagram page has posted a few bits of news before, but never something along the lines of today’s apparent flub. The page posted a simple image, referencing Mighty Morphin’, but what else did it have to say? Hit the jump for the picture, and more!

Power Rangers Instagram

While the picture was removed quickly after, nothing is ever gone on the internet, and a quick thinking member of the community took the above screenshot for us all to see.

Could this indicate bigger things in store for Dino Charge with the referenced team up, and could it be similar to the Kyoryuger movie which provided this article’s banner? Will we also see the Dino Thunder Rangers?

We can’t say for sure what it means yet, but be sure to keep it locked to HJU for the latest in Power Rangers and Tokusatsu news!



  1. That was a pic from the Super sentai movie: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs Go Busters – The Great Dinosaur Battle! Farewell Our Eternal Friends. its a homage to all the Dino themed Sentai/rangers that came out. If Saban is following this road like in this movie, there is a extremely a good chance that MMPR and Jungle fury will make a return in ether an episode of Dino charge a movie But its more likely a special episode

  2. Well, only time will tell, i hope at least Austin St. Jhon(Rocky) and Jason David Frank(Tommy), get involved in the new series, like a Cameo or a special Episode, i can wait to this to happen. ;).

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