Tamashi Nation’s finally released clearer images of last week’s Figureoh magazine reveals including S.H.Figuarts Trideron, Heart, and Dead Heat.

Kicking things off, we have this year’s big piece of FIguarts: The Trideron. Trideron will be among the batch of Web Exclusive releases slated for September with a whopping price tag of 24,840 yen.

For added play value, the Shift Tires can be attached/stored on the vehicle and the cockpit can be removed and placed on it’s own Tamashi Stage. Not only that, but the piece will also feature LED headlights, a perfect companion piece for the Drive Type Speed Figuarts hitting this April. To commemorate the release, Tamashi Nation has a special preview video posted online.

Along with Trideron, pre orders have begun for S.H.Figuarts Heart in his Roimude form. Heart will be releasing in August also as a Tamashi Web Exclusive retailing for 5940 yen, shown squaring off against the Type Technique Figuarts also due out that month.

The final piece is Type Dead Heat! Unlike the previous two, Dead Heat will be coming out as a mass retail release also due out for August. He’ll retail for 4,800 yen.


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