A scan of promotional material pre-NinNinger. Could we be seeing these two soon?

Recently teased in upcoming episode summaries, Episode 7 of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger will feature the return of Sasuke/NinjaRed and Yousuke/HurricaneRed. The two reds will return by request from Grandpa to train the current team in the way of Ninja.

Both Sasuke’s actor (Ogawa Teruaki) and  Yousuke’s actor (Shioya Shun) have been vocal in the past for their love of being part of the Sentai family. Both actors returned for stints in Gokaiger (Teruaki only voiced NinjaRed in the 199 movie, but played his other Sentai role of Hyuuga for the Gingaman episode), and Shioya starred alongside his fellow Hurricaneger castmates in the 10 Years After special.

The original air date of Episode 7 (April 5th) is the official 40th anniversary for Himitsu Sentai Goranger (which aired on said date in 1975.) It’s likely Toei planned for this mini team-up because of the date in question, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if past Ninja rangers make future returns in this series (especially in VS/Returns films.)

Stay tuned for pictures and more information.


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