With the upcoming release of S.H.Figuarts Marika and Zeronos Vega, the official S.H.Figuarts blog gives us our first in hand look at the two.

Along for the ride, we have our first good look at S.H.Figuarts Siguard, the Cherry Energy Rider whom was first spotted in a low res photograph at last year’s Tamashi Nations event.


While there’s still currently no release information for Siguard, Marika is still up for pre order until April 20th retailing for 5,184 yen before middleman fees and shipping.


Zeronos Vega form’s gallery reveals some new tidbits on the figure: his cape are actually segmented pieces that can be posed dynamically along with the figure itself. Another accessory was revealed showing his own Rider Pass.

Zeronos Vega Form costs slightly higher than Marika at 5,940 yen and like her is still avalaible for pre order at the time of this writing.

For overseas collectors looking for a hook up, be sure to contact Japan Hero Collectibles and reserve yours while still avalaible.


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