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Gou Shijima (Kamen Rider Chaser) still continues to act strange, even after the events of Episode 25. Just why does he think different from Kiriko? Hit the jump to learn more about Kamen Rider Drive Episode 27, “What is Gou Shijima’s Reason to Fight?” Spoilers Warning!!


Kamen Rider Drive Episode 27: “What’s Gou Shijima’s Reason to Fight?”

On Air – April 26

Screenplay – Keiichi Hasegawa
Director – Hidenori Ishida
Action Director – Hirofumi Ishigaki from Japan Action Enterprise
Special Effects Director – Hiroshi Butsuda

Episode Guide


Chase transforms into Kamen Rider Chaser & the world has three Riders. Gou Shijima (Kamen Rider Mach) has a big fight with his sister Kiriko Shijima because Chase has become Kamen Rider Chaser. Gou doesn’t trust Chase because he is a Roidmude. He considers her sister’s relation with Chase dangerous, even if he has saved her in the past.

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Gou decides to solve the case himself separately, without the help of Kiriko & Tokujo’s Members.

New Case: Residents in a new residential area are continuously being attacked & sent to a state of apparent death.




The Investigation Division decides to do a Joint Investigation with Tokujo but Investigation Manager Mitsuhide Nira makes them change their mind. Shinnosuke Tomari (Kamen Rider Drive) gets angered by this but in the next moment, it disappears. Brain (Brain Roidmude) joins the Investigation Division as the Advisor. Shinnosuke Tomari realises the identity of this Advisor to be Brain. He attacks Brain but the other Investigation members did not realize that Brain existed , nor that he was a Roidmude. They think that this Adivisor is a human & Brain acts dumb.


Shinnosuke falls in the trap & as a punishment he was not allowed to continue the investigation. With this Jun Honganji’s Theory of Involvement of Roidmude in Police Organization became true.


On the other hand, Gou visits a residential area. There, he finds that the residents are rampaging. A woman seeks the help of Gou Shijima because her brother was attacked by a monster.

New Cast Information



Masami Horiuchi is going play the role of Souichi Shinei / Cobra-gata Roidmude 001 in Kamen Rider Drive. Roidmude 001 is a mysterious Roidmude. His human form Souichi Shinei is the Secretary of National Defense. He has something to do with the death of Shinnosuke Tomari’s Father Eisuke Tomari.



Masami Horiuchi as Yamaoka in Ultraman 80 Episode 9: “Airport’s Close Call!”


Masami Horiuchi as Demon of Destruction Zebubu, the Grim Reaper in Ultraman Gaia Episode 47: “Grim Reaper’s Counterattack”



Masami Horiuchi as Yojiro Matsunaga in Ultraman Nexus

Masami Horiuchi had previously appeared as guest star in many Ultraman Series such as Ultraman 80, Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna, Ultraman Gaia, Ultra Q dark fantasy & Ultraseven X. As a regular cast had appeared in Ultraman Nexus to play Yoichiro Matsunaga. He had made a cameo appearance in Ultraman Max Episode 24 to play Yojiro Matsunaga & later in Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers to play Kobe’s Mayor Matsunaga. He had also played Tetsushi Humano in Ultra Q The Movie: Legend of Stars.

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