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The Premium Bandai shop has opened pre-orders for the Sentai Hero Series SP Strongest Champions! Zyuohger Instincts Awakened 5-Piece Set from the Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger TV series.


As the name of this vinyl figure set suggest, this set represents the five Zyuohgers in their Instincts Awakened mode. Each figure has limited poseability with Zyuoh Eagle having his own Eagriser accessory. In addition, the Zyuoh Eagle, Zyuoh Lion, and Zyuoh Elephant figures are 165mm in height while the Zyuoh Shark and Zyuoh Tiger figures are 160mm in height.

This Premium Bandai web exclusive set cost 8,100 yen and is set for a June release.


[via Orends: Range]

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