Crunchyroll announced Ultraman Ginga and its sequel, Ultraman Ginga S, will finally stream in their website.

Ultraman Ginga introduces the concept of Spark Dolls to the franchise. The series follows Hikaru Raidou, a man who returns to his old hometown just to discover that his old school is at the center of a bizarre and mysterious series of monster attacks. He later bonds with a mysterious giant named Ultraman Ginga to fight these threats. As for its sequel, Ultraman Ginga S, Hikaru joins the UPG (Ultra Party Guardians) and becomes allies with Ultraman Victory.

All 11 episodes of Ultraman Ginga and all 16 episodes of Ultraman Ginga S are now streaming in the site. Ginga and Ginga S are the 8th and 9th Ultraman series that’s legally available in the site. Other Ultraman shows that is still streaming on the site are: Leo, 80, Gaia, Nexus, Max, Mebius, and X.

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[Source: Orends: Range]


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