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More information about the upcoming Kamen Rider Ghost summer movie has surfaced online, revealing an army of Necroms and a village of heroes?!


In the movie, our heroes have arrived in a strange place, this place is a village full of legendary heroes. This village is a home of 100 heroes and some of the heroes that Takeru and friends will meet are Musashi, Edison, Nobunaga, Robin Hood, Goemon, Himiko, and Darwin!

These heroes will be of course, played by various guest stars including Mitsuru Karahashi, best known to most fans as Kamen Rider 555’s Naoya Kaido/Snake Orphnoch and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger’s Fuwa Juuzo as Miyamoto Musashi!


But this once peaceful village will be threatened by an evil figure simply known as Dark Ghost who is leading a team of Dark Necroms. These team is composed of Dark Necrom Red, Dark Necrom Blue, and Dark Necrom Yellow. The question is, can Takeru protect the villagers from this new threat?


Finally, also worth noting is that for some reason, Takeru, Akari, and Onari will cosplay as various ficitional characters. As seen in the photos, Akari will cosplay as Snow White with a red apple helmet, Takeru will cosplay as the Little Red Riding Hood, and Onari will cosplay as Rapunzel. What’s interesting is that the costumes that Akari and Onari are wearing are based on the Disney versions of said characters.

Kamen Rider Ghost’s summer movie is part of the Kamen Rider franchise’s 45th anniversary celebrations, and it is set for an August 6 premiere.

[Source: Orends: Range, The Ghouly News]

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