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More Ultra Fusions and additional cast members for the upcoming Ultraman Orb series is revealed.

For starters, three new Ultra Fusions were revealed. These three new forms seen at the upper part of the image are made thanks to the following Ultramen: Tiga & Max, Cosmos & X, and Gaia & Victory. The only new form with the name is the one composed of Gaia & Victory, the form’s name is Photon Victorium.


Finally, the show’s support cast. From left to right, the show’s additional cast members are: Naoto Takahashi as Jetta Hayami, Miyabi Yatsura as Naomi Yumeno, and Hiroaki Nerio as Shin Matsudo.

Naomi Yumeno (played by Miyabi Yatsura)
During her studies, she sees one of the legendary Giants of Light. After graduating, she founds the SSP (Something Search People) with her friend Jetta to find one of these Giants of Light.

Jetta Hayami (played Naoto Takahashi)
He is Naomi’s friend and co-found the SSP with her. His job takes care of the cameras and the website and a big UFO and UMA geek. He wants to become rich and famous.

For most tokusatsu fans, his actor is best known for playing Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters’ Toru Morishita, an Energy Management Center operator who helped the Go-Busters in their battle against Vaglass.

Shin Matsudo (played by Hiroaki Nerio)
A genius when it comes to physics ans antique civilizations, he analyzes and searches all the time in order to create more inventions.

Ittetsu Shibukawa (played by Shingo Yanagisawa)
He is Naomi’s uncle and the captain of the VTL (Versatile Tactical Leader) squad. He often asks for information from his niece and his organization SSP when monsters attack the city. As VTL’s captain, he pilots the Jet VTL.

For most tokusatsu fans, he is best recognized in his roles in the Kamen Rider franchise. He played Silvra in the Kamen Rider Cho Den-O & Decade movie, and Captain Koba in the Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future movie.

Jagras Juggler (played by Takaya Aoyagi)
He is Ultraman Orb’s nemesis and this well-dressed man possesses the fearsome Dark Ring and Kaiju Cards. Seen in the images below are the two monsters that he will summon in the series. These monsters are Mega Birther and Mega Grand King.

The series will star Hideo Ishiguro (Kamen Rider Den-O) as Gai Kurenai aka Ultraman Orb. He transforms into Orb by using the Orb Ring and various Ultra Fusion Cards. It is thanks to this cards that he can combine two Ultraman to create a new power. The video highlights said power.

Ultraman Orb is set for a July 9 release. ‚Äč

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