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Tommy and Jason are on the moon, but this is no sightseeing trip. What happens? Let’s find out!

I always get so far behind in my reviews you’d think that I was leading a double life as an Adult with Attitude saving the world! I’m not saying that’s the case, but I’m not NOT saying that’s the case either. Anyway let’s jump in!


Issue 8 finds the zords causing destruction around the world and everyone wondering where the Power Rangers are. If they only knew Jason and Tommy were both on the moon fighting for their lives! With Jason inside the Dragonzord and Tommy outside fighting the Black Dragon.

Now before we get into the fight I want to take a second and mention something that is not overtly stated, but still something we never knew before. Or at least I never knew. When in Ranger mode the suits are totally space worthy! And while Power Rangers’ sixth season was titled “In Space” I can’t recall the rangers ever doing a space walk or being somewhere without atmosphere. Admittedly though, my memory of the In Space season is fuzzy at best. In any case this little tidbit opens up a galaxy of possibilities. No longer are the Power Rangers just limited to fighting evil space aliens on Earth or anywhere with an Earth-like atmosphere, but are now opened up to fight anywhere (something that is alluded to in MMPR’s Pink series)!

Back to the fight, we are treated to a pretty awesome 7 page battle between the Black Dragon, Tommy, and Jason. And while Tommy tricks Black Dragon into a seemingly more fair fight, he’s still out matched and is forced to retreat with Jason. Unable to reach Billy Tommy and Jason make it back to the other rangers, but not totally empty handed from the battle. Back with the rest of the rangers Tommy and Jason learn that they were able to contact Alpha 5, or what’s left of him. Alpha fills the heroes in on what happened in Rita’s palace and how the Black Dragon was able to control their zords and powers through Billy’s power coin.

Meanwhile on the moon Rita confronts Black Dragon about his failure to kill the Green Ranger while Finster constructs him a new arm (they didn’t leave empty handed….get it? Dang I’m funny). Rita inquires about his motivations but he dodges the question instead asking that he be the one to destroy the Green Ranger. Rita seems unconvinced though of his motivations. Could this be sewing the seeds for a future backstabbing? A enemy of my enemy is my friend type of deal with Rita and the Power Rangers once the Black Dragon’s power is too much for either to handle? Time will tell.

There is a brief scene between Billy and Goldar, with Billy still trying to get through to him to give up some sort of information or collaborate a way to get out of the prison. Goldar still isn’t having it, but we can tell his resolve is starting to weaken just a little. Of all of Rita’s henchmen I think Goldar is the most fascinating to me. In the show we never had too big of a back story with him, but between the Annual short story, the on-going series, and the Pink series, Goldar is portrayed as much more than just a simple lackey and I am finding myself wanting to know more and more about him.

Back on Earth Tommy and Zack have a heart to heart where Zack apologizes to Tommy for being a jerk and not welcoming him into the ranger family with open arms. This sparks an idea in Tommy, to use the Black Dragon’s own technology against him. If he was able to cut our heroes from the Morphin’ Grid, why not use the Black Dragon’s arm to split the Green Ranger power amongst the 4 of them!  And that’s where the issue leaves us. Tommy de-powered and the Green Ranger power split among Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly. Go Green Rangers Go indeed!

Issue 7 was pretty high on the character development and trying to figure out a way out of the mess the rangers are in. Yet still had enough action that I wasn’t wishing there was more. Kyle Higgins and company continue to rock the Power Rangers comics every month and leave me wanting more! Highly recommended!

Until the next review, may the Power protect you.
Special thanks to Boom! Studios for providing the review sample.

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