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WatchMojo loves countdowns, and often the group likes to put the spotlight on the Power Rangers franchise. Now, normally when WatchMojo focuses on Power Rangers their Top 10 it is obvious what the selection and placement will be as it is reliant on nostalgia or fan polling. Just look at their Top 10 Red Rangers, Seasons, and Hottest Female Ranger listings. However, over the summer this video slipped by us here at Henshin Justice, Mojo’s Top 10 Power Ranger Villains. This list which one can view below is actually one to behold because it is very different from previous Power Ranger Top 10s, as this one throws the expectations one usually has towards Mojo out the window! … Well that is until one finally gets to the number one spot, which spoiler alert it is the most obvious choice of them all, but the rest actually will wow the viewer.

Script written by Joey Turner

Trying to take over the universe is hard enough without a group of teens with attitude ruining your plans; but that won’t stop these morphenomenal baddies from bringing the fight. Join as we count down the Top 10 Power Rangers Villains. For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most memorable wrongdoers ever to go toe-to-toe with our multi-colored heroes over the last 23 years; also, we’re only looking at the villains from the actual show, so movie villains like Ivan Ooze are ruled out. Special thanks to our users Norris Vaughn or submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at:

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After seeing this list one can see it really was a thought out Top 10, and only a few choices were obvious ones. Starting out with Rita easily would throw anyone off, but that closer it was what Mojo’s truly best at! We will say it was interesting how only a few choices that made this Top 10 were sub-villains because one would have thought honorable mentions like Goldar, or Koragg could have been on here. Actually come to think of it we thought it solely be the main tier villains to featured, so seeing a choice like Imperious, or specifically the fan loved Psycho Ranger was an interesting swerve. Now, only if their Anime Top 10s would improve, then that would truly be the real news to cover! If we could be that lucky I’d try my luck at Slots at All Slots Online Casino.

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