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Mr. Justice has yet again enlisted the help of the Kamen Roller! However unlike most people who are in love with the topic I have to present today, I am not entirely hooked into it and only have a small interest in what is to come. Now, over the past month or so the scans for the next Sentai series has surfaced online which revealed its name, theme, and products. The series is titled Uchu Sentai Kyuuranger, a space team who gain their powers from the constellations through Kyutama, and will consist of nine members at the beginning of the show. Below is a majority of the known toy catalog with listings for the Senshi’s specific names, armaments (henshin device, weapons & gimmicks), and mechas…

Kyuuranger Vinyls

The Sentai Vinyl Series:

  • ShishiRed
  • SasoriOrange
  • OokamiBlue
  • TenbinGold
  • OushiBlack
  • HebitsukaiSilver
  • ChameleonGreen
  • WashiPink
  • KajikiYellow

SEIZa Blaster & Kyutama

The Seiza Blaster is the changer for the main team of Kyuurangers. The device is listed to be able to change between six different modes that can be accessed through the use of the Kyutama. Now, the Kyutama are the items that the Senshi obtain their power from, as stated earlier in our introduction. They are the collectible gimmick for the season, and are light up spheres that one is able to attach to the various toys. Each Kyutama is based on a specific constellation, and currently there are 42 confirmed that will be featured in the show, below is the current listing.

  • 01 Shishi
  • 02 Sasori
  • 03 Ookami
  • 04 Tenbin
  • 05 Oushi
  • 06 Hebitsukai
  • 07 Chameleon
  • 08 Washi
  • 09 Kajiki
  • 36 Perceus
  • 37 Kujira
  • 40 Andromeda
  • 41 Kenbikyou
  • 42 Ryoken

KYU Weapons

The Kyuurangers main weapon is called the Kyuza Weapon (The Weapons of the 9 Constellations), a multi-tool themed weapon that consists of three individual parts. When combined the pieces form a wide range of weapons the team can utilize. There are 9 combinations total to match our Senshi, with each specific form doubling as a specific Senshi’s signature weapon. A buckle will also be sold for storage of Kyutama.


Here is the list of formations and its corresponding Senshi:

  • Kyu Sword – Red
  • Kyu Axe – Black
  • Kyu Slasher – Yellow
  • Kyu Sickle – Silver
  • Kyu Spear – Orange
  • Kyu Crossbow – Gold
  • Kyu Rapier – Green
  • Kyu Claw – Blue
  • Kyu Shot – Pink


The Kyuurangers main mecha is called Kyurenoh, and their signature mecha are known as the Voyagers. Kyurenoh will have two formations focusing around Shishi Voyager to compose the body, with each formation having a variant where the arms and legs can interchangeable. The main formation will consist of Shishi, Ookami, Oushi, Chameleon, and Kajiki; whereas the alternate form uses Shishi with Sasori, Washi, Tenbin, and Hebitsukai. There will also be a Cockpit Set that features special Kyutamas with miniature figures that can attach to the mecha to recreate the in show cockpits.

Source: Hero Club

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