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Henshin Justice has once again called upon the Kamen Roller for assistance, as his team at Hero Club and various sites begun re-posting this ongoing story. During the summer Premium Bandai opened up a survey for overseas customers inquiring about their interests in products. Bandai want take another chance at distributing Premium Web Shop Exclusives again internationally, and this survey meant to help show them what people will¬†interested in purchasing if Bandai decides to bring down their imaginative wall. Now, for people who may be cautious on if the survey’s selection is limited, I can confirm it is not since ¬†practically everything is including! Exclusives like Rider SHFs, Super Sentai Artisan items, Gundam Model Kits, and clothing present so for Tokusatsu and/or Anime fans this is something we should all take part in as soon as possible while this survey remains open.

If one has not checked out the survey, or filled it out here is link! If one has already filled out survey try again and do it as many times as one can. Also please do not forget to share it with others to help make it better on the collectors, such as myself and others in the community.

Source: Premium Bandai

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