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Today, Mr. Justice introduced me to an all new mini-series titled, Nights! The series is produced by the members of the Melonki Youtube Channel, and is a comedy series that dwells on Tokusatsu genre. Not much is really known about Nights, outside of the initial trailer and its pilot.

The series follows an average dude┬ánamed, Johnny, who sets forth for a job interview with Petco, that he is already late to. Johnny also has no idea where the place, so he asks a hippy-like bum for directions. During all this he runs into an odd New York gang/cult, that oddly enough assaulted his friend recently. Trying to avoid a New York City beat-down, the hippy dude gifts Johnny gifts him a Henshin device to combat these foes. Thus beginning Johnny’s story into the NYC underground, and his future struggles against this unnamed gang that plagues the streets.

Nights Johnny
Here’s Johnny!

The pilot’s description promotes that the next installment is slated for February, but will be retooled by then. Does this mean the mini-series will be longer than intended, episode duration increased, bigger budget, or a complete overhaul? No one knows except Melonki themselves, so check back with Melonki next month. One can easily do that by subscribing to Melonki’s YouTube channel, because the group surely needs to grow.

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