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Dino Super Charge
Power Rangers: Dino Super Charge continues it’s run on Nickelodeon, and Lionsgate is coming in strong with another DVD of the show. Saban and Lionsgate were kind enough to provide a copy of Volume One of the Dino Super Charge DVDs to this writer, ahead of street date, for thoughts. On the fence about picking up these DVDs? Hit the jump for more information!

Power Rangers: Dino Super Charge
Volume One: ROAR
Two DVDs
2hrs, 12 Min Runtime
Ten Episodes
Release: Jan 15, 2017
MSRP: $14.95

Dino Super Charge

Lionsgate and Saban provide plenty of bang for the buck with this budget friendly release of Dino Super Charge on DVD. Containing the first ten episodes in 16×9 Widescreen and Dolby 5.1 Digital Audio for the English track (French and Spanish presented in 2.0), this release should look and sound great on just about any configuration.

Dino Super Charge

The DVD seems to contain Closed Captions and a French Subtitle track as well (according to VLC Media Player) but these did not function on either my computer or Playstation 4 system. These may not be intended features, so I definitely don’t hold it against them.

The DVD comes packaged in a glossy and semi-foiled Slip Case, and your typical DVD clamshell. I personally really like the cover art, so well done, design team.

Dino Super Charge

The DVD also contains a few trailers for other Power Rangers DVD sets. While I would have loved to see a trailer included for the upcoming Power Rangers Movie by Lionsgate, I can’t hold that against them.

Overall, I have no complaints with this release. No frills, just the shows and some audio tracks, and that’s all I can ask for out of a mid-season release such as this. This is a recommended product for fans who’d like to have a DVD of some sort now, as opposed to waiting for a full Season release, or for parents with young fans in the family. It’s perfect to just throw on in the playroom, and let play through.

Thanks again go out to the fine people at Saban Brands and Lionsgate for providing this DVD for review. Other than the DVD, I, nor HJU, have received any other consideration or compensation from Saban or Lionsgate.

What are your thoughts on the recent Power Rangers DVD offerings? Let us know in the comments and forums, and be sure to keep it here for more tokusatsu news!

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