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Kamen Rider Snipe

In the official listing for the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Blu-Ray Collection 2 set on Amazon it reveals that it will include an exclusive episode. This exclusive episode will focus on Kamen Rider Snipe, in a side story titled “Kamen Rider Snipe Episode 0”. First off, several easily speculate that Episode 0 will revolve around the events of Zero Day. Therefore the episode will feature Taiga using the Proto Bang Bang Shooting Gashat to transform into Kamen Rider Snipe. Furthermore others also think it will be the full in-depth the story of how Taiga became an unlicensed doctor. Maybe both stories are one in the same, and will continue via future collections. The Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Blu-Ray Collection 2 will be releasing on July 12 for 21,380 yen. In addition the set will feature episode 12 to 24 from the series.

Source: Hero Club