Saban Brands and Lionsgate Home Entertainment sponsors today’s review on the upcoming release of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Vol. 2 Extinction. This two-disc set will release next Tuesday, March 7th, via Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The set consists of the final ten episodes of Dino Super Charge; which concludes our story that spanned two seasons. Now, while the series is adaptation of Toei’s Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, the finale for Dino Super Charge features significant changes. However, I will talk more about those changes later in the review. The first thing I need to talk about is the physical content such as packaging, and the artwork!


Volume 2 Extinction features incredible artwork, much like any other Power Rangers release from Lionsgate. I overly enjoy seeing the Rangers in their Dino Super Drive forms, as well as most of the Zords. The inclusion of the Spinozord is probably my favorite part. The exterior holographic box cover is an element I really do enjoy about these sets. The interior consists of two discs, as well as a mini-flyer to promote the Legacy Wars mobile game. Each of the discs really focus in on the Rangers, still in their Dino Super Drive forms. However, Silver seemingly is the only Ranger missing from the cast. I also believe the volcano on disc two is supposed to be Mount Fuji, which is a cool nod towards Japan and Sentai.


Then when starting up disc one, one is met with the trailers. The first trailer is for the upcoming Power Rangers movie, which always excites me. Following that is some trailers for the previous Power Rangers seasons, including the previously reviewed Dino Charge set. One good thing is that the trailers are only on the first disc. There is a total of ten episodes to the set, with five on each disc. The menus are practically the same found in most releases, re-purposing the disc art. The menus feature three to four categories: Play All, Episodes, Languages, and Trailers. Furthermore, there is no individual episode scene selection for viewers to choose from, or special features.


Judd Lynn continues to serve as executive producer, director, and writer for several episodes. Now, under Lynn’s helm Dino Super Charge did not entirely impress the masses. Yet, I would go out on a limb and say that the best was saved for last. The final half of episodes that make up volume two, are some of the best in the franchise. The cast is even larger since Dino Charge, but they continue to be an incredible cast. The full-time addition of Ryan Carter as Heckyl is amazing. The character of Heckyl and other half Snide helps to further set the show apart from its Sentai counterpart. The only character to not receive much screen time in the series is James Navarro, the Aqua Ranger.


The progression of the series still tends to rely on Kyoryuger, but there are significant changes. Several of these changes from the source material actual makes Dino Super Charge, a highly interesting show. One cool attribute is how production manages to include most of the main villains from Kyoryuger into the adaptation. It leads into a cool sub-plot placing the Rangers amidst a three-way dance between Sledge’s crew and Arcanon’s forces. However, this triple threat just does not last enough! It really makes the viewer wish it all stories concluded at once. My only issue with these episodes are with specific sub-plots for the Rangers such as Chase versus the food critic. Several of these sub-plots were simply just too childish, or odd for older fans like myself. The finale is also a “controversial” one, but it is still a fun ending aside from going against continuity!


At the end of the day Volume 2 is amazing! I recommend people should get this set if they already own Volume 1. Now, if one does not have Volume 1 he or she can simply wait for the complete season set. However, I personally prefer just having Volume 2, but that is just me. Having the release be a volume of two discs, ten episodes is already a better deal than previous seasons’ volumes. The volumes does not include the holiday specials, but they may be special features for the complete season; which could be the incentive to get people to buy it. Never the less, it is a smart idea in the marketing and release of the series, and I am not against it!


This now concludes my review, and I would like to thank Saban Brands, and Lionsgate for receiving this opportunity. In addition, please check out my upcoming video review for this set on my YouTube Channel, as Wheelchair21! Readers can also leave comments on this review or the product in the section below, and over on the forums.

dino super charge v2 box art
Volume 2 Official Box Art

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Vol. 2 Extinction

Distributor: Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Release Date: March 7, 2017

MSRP: $14.99

Discs: 2

Run-Time: 230+ Minutes

Format: 16×9 Widescreen 1.78:1 Presentation

Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio, French and Spanish 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio



The Power Rangers face their most dangerous threat yet when the action-packed adventures of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: Extinction arrives on DVD March 7 from Lionsgate. This DVD contains the last 10 episodes from the latest Power Rangers season on Nickelodeon. Episodes 6-11 will also be available on Digital HD and On Demand March 7, while the last five episodes will be available on Digital HD and On Demand April 4. In this series, the teen superheroes must work together to protect the Energems and save the universe from monsters, zombies, and the evil Sledge. Stand as one and celebrate one of the top-rated and longest-running kids’ live-action series in TV history when the Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: Extinction DVD becomes available for the suggested retail price of $14.98.



The action is super charged and the adventures are out of this world as the Power Rangers call upon their teamwork and abilities to protect the Energems, mysterious gems with incredible powers. The team faces some of its fiercest foes and greatest challenges — including monsters, zombies, and an evil love spell — as the Power Rangers stand as one and fight to keep the world safe from the evil Sledge!