Premium Bandai has revealed more information about the Complete Selection Modification Kaixa Gear from the Kamen Rider 555 series.

The Complete Selection Modification Kaixa Gear represents the set of gear Kamen Rider Kaixa used in the Kamen Rider 555 TV series. This set includes: Mission Memory, Kaixa Phone, the adjustable belt buckle, Kaixa Shot, Kaixa Pointer, and the Kaixa Blaygun. Just like the previously released CSM Faiz Gear, these devices interact with one another via infrared communication.

The Kaixa Phone has all the functions of the original DX toy with some additions. Pressing certain button combinations allows you to answer a “call” coming from Mari Sonada and Keitaro Kikuchi. Pressing the other buttons will feature some lines coming from Masato Kusaka. Lastly, pressing the button near the “ENTER” button will play some of the show’s background music. These songs are: “Kaixa, overwhelming power”, “Side Basshar”, and “EGO ~ eyes glazing over”.

Next is the Kaixa Blaygun, which has two modes, Gun and Blade Modes. The CSM version of this item comes with extra parts for its Blade Mode, and once combined, the weapon has a combined length of 87cm. The set comes with a holder for the item. Next is the Kaixa Shot, which has two modes, Camera and Knuckle Modes. Item also has its own holder. Lastly, is the Kaixa Pointer, the item needed for Kamen Rider Kaixa to perform his finisher. The set comes with a leg holder where you attach the Kaixa Pointer so that you can perform Kaixa’s finisher.

This Premium Bandai web exclusive set cost 48,600 yen and is set for a March 2018 release. Pre-orders for the item will end on November 13.