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Every year, we get our gimmick line of figures. These figures are meant to emulate the form changes that we see on the show and every year it’s a coin flip if these figures will be good or not. Unfortunately, for this year’s Kamen Rider Build, we lost that flip, in my opinion.

The BCR (Bottle Change Rider) line forgoes 2 major points of articulation, in the waist and head, to achieve its form-swapping. The arms and legs are great, they’re pretty standard for the yearly gimmick line, but without waist or head movement, posing and playing with this figure isn’t a fun time at all. Aesthetically he looks great, bright red and blue, even the belt is painted which is a rarity in these lines of figures. He comes with his Drill Crusher as well, unpainted as usual, it’s permanently in its sword form. To get the gun form you’ll need to purchase the GorillaMond set coming out later this month but personally I won’t be doing that. This is an expensive line and to be perfectly blunt its not worth its price, not to mention the alternative Sodo line coming out this year, with 3 figures in its first wave that cost less than this one figure alone. So I can’t recommend this figure personally but if you are still curious about the BCR Build, there are links to places to pick this guy up under the video.

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