New York Comic-Con presents a batch of new Power Rangers merchandise to add to your collection, and we’ll give you zero guesses about which season they’ve chosen to showcase the most. Check out this new action figure set as well as a sweet, new Megazord and let’s wonder together when we’re getting around to some of those other seasons.

To be fair, Bandai has announced a number of special items in recent years ranging across a few different beloved seasons, and the Fighting Spirit set technically encompasses multiple incarnations (all centered around one dude) but none so prevalent as the unstoppable Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Bandai’s golden goose, Tommy Oliver. While we appreciate the love, we’re also still checking our watches as we wait for more stuff from elsewhere in this illustrious franchise.

And I really do mean that. “Fighting Spirit” appears on the list of favorite Power Rangers episodes we recently posted here at HJU, so there’s no denying our fondness for the story this item focuses on. Though we could also point out that it was more about the sense of heroism displayed by everyone in that cast, along with some amazing visuals, that tipped it over the edge, and not just… you know, Tommy. Again.

The set is priced at $80.00, while the Touma Limited Edition Tokyo Vinyl Megazord, with all its amazing colors and adorable proportions, is available for $60.00.

[Source: Power Rangers NOW]